Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awk2theWard Wednesday {Mar 23rd}

- Watching morning cartoons with the kiddies and you look up to see that everyone has left the room. And instead of reaching for the remote, you just sit there because at this point you have invested 20 mins of your life into Handy Manny and you have to find out how he gets the whale off the beach. *PAHH*What thats never happen you? Me either {insert shy look away}.

- See that kid, the cute one above, he is a stinker.
Walking out of Target, he decides that he should throw goldfish out of the cart.
And on this particular day I had park on the other side of world.
Our Target has a gang that hangs in the parking lot.
A gang of loud, obnoxious, and fearless black crows.
Now I find myself running through the parking lot screaming like a banshee and waving my arms in the air, as we get dive boomed.
Picture Alfred Hitchcock's Birds.
Finally to the car and at this point everyone has taken notice of the crazy lady
and now are mesmerized.
I grab Bean and jump in the front seat, turn on the car, spray the windshield wipers, and blast the horn for a good 3 mins until finally on lonely crow is left standing on my hood.
Scared that he might be a look out for the others, I did the fastest load up of bags in history, I am thinking about submitting it to Guinness.
Yep, he is a stinker.

Share your funny.
Pretty please.


LittleGreenThread said...

Ahahahaha!!! I can just picture this whole scene, and it cracks me up! Oh, and yeah, I totally catch myself watching my kids shows when they are nowhere around. And sometimes, I even really enjoy them.

Tricia @ Take 10 With Tricia said...

I linked over from June & Bear - these are hilarious. I read back a few as well...I just spent 24 hours in the same clothes recently. Glad I'm not alone!

Hespyhesp said...

I have totally been left watching kiddie cartoons while everyone else is playing in another room!

Crows totally creep me out, but man if I had witnessed this in person I might have peed my pants a little!

Jami Nato said...

those must be different crows than the ones we have in KS. but nonetheless, the thought of this happening to you warmed my heart.

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are hilarious! LOVE this!