Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentines Day Cards 2013

Remember me?
Who can blame you, it's only been a month...
We haven't been up to much, but I decided to get an early step on Valentines Day cards for Buggie to give her classmates.
Do you remember last years?
Yep, those are hard to top, so instead I just reached for just below that awesomeness...

I did not take any action shots of making the props, cause honestly it was way too easy to get the camera out to document....
I bought 1 yd of stretchy lace and some white stiff feathers, the rest of the items I used I had on hand.

I took the feathers and used painters tape to tape them down on some cardboard, then light spray painted them...
Once they were dry I hot glued them to the lace.

Then for her bow and arrows, I just went into my back yard got some branches and them wrapped some twine around the large one for a bow, and added some felt to make the bows.
Done and done.

Then we went outside and got some action shots...

{her shirt is from Target, Skirt is last year GapKids, and the leggings are from Hello Apparel. }

I loved how into it she got, which meant I got some amazing shots.
But this was the final pick...

And I am all for not giving candy for V-day, so we had decided to give pencils, hence the wording my fab friend Kori came up with!!

I loved how they turned out...
And Buggie said "Momma my kids are going to think these are the coolest."
Welp friends, that the seal of endorsement if I have ever heard one!