Friday, January 29, 2010

In desperate need of...

a new kitchen rugs! I want something with some color but DO NOT want strips. But for some reason that is all I seem to have seen. One rug I am LOVING is...

{rug is from here}
but it is not really a "kitchen" rug. Does anyone have a "non kitchen" rug in their kitchen? I am afraid of ruining this rug, since it would be going in the area between my sink {hubby is a self proclaimed aggressive dish washer, ie water is pouring off the counter when he is done} and stove.
What to do, what to do?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday...

I am BEYOND jealous of my little Bean's eye lashes. I mean come on how thick and long does a two months old eye lashes need to be?! He did not get them from me. Because I was not blessed with these long lovelies, my favorite piece of makeup is mascara. Nothing like a good mascara to brighten up your face. My favorite choice is Bobby Brown {Extreme Party Mascara}.
So my question for you today is what is your favorite make-up item and why? I love sharing...

Monday, January 25, 2010

My house showing its V-day colors {& a winner}

I got a Cricut, can you tell?!

Winner of Stephanie Fizer giveaway is lucky number 7!
Please email me @ within the next 48hrs to claim your prize!


Gussy has a lot to giveaway...

Go check out Gussy today. She is having a very fun Giveaway Day! Super simple to enter, just leave a one comment per giveaway. I am sponsoring one of them with a True Love Found store credit....

Friday, January 22, 2010

I have been thinking about my answer...

Rachel asked the question.
I answered it.
What {if any} value does this word have in your life, this Friday?

This was my answer:
Wow, this is really weird to me. All day I have been struggling {My FB status reads today :hum, thoughts are too jumbled today! I just want to finish something other then changing a diaper}. Consistency is lacking, missing, completely gone, evaporated. I have been struggling all day to figure out my state of mind, and then I read your post: consistency. I need it. I want it. I pray for it. Hum will it come back?!

Now this is all I can think about. I have not felt grounded this week.
My feet and head are moving in two different directions.
I am not sure why this is happening. I need something, guidance maybe?
Consistency would be like a warm fire on a cold night for me right now.

How and where will I find it again? My parenting has been erratic, my house is a
disaster, I haven't even "made" dinner this week. Life seems out of control, like it is living off to much caffeine.

I look at my beautiful children and know I need to get my head in the game. Snap out of it. I know it will come and this to will soon pass.

It is going to be a warm weekend here time to get out, take deep breaths and clear my head. And maybe get some "me" time in.

What do you think about Rachel's question?

See this...

Its Buggies new dress! We are going to have family photos/her 4th b-day photos done in March and I have been looking for looks for some of the shots. And this dress is going to be PERFECT! It matches her birthday theme to a tee {more to come on that later!}
Also got these {the green stripe & the light blue strip} and these {the navy & the light blue} for Jellybean. Mini Boden is having 10% off plus free shipping right now {and if you refer friends you get store credit, so I had $20 bucks in store credit to use}

Normally a Coke girl...

but I am loving the throwback Pepsi {more for the look of it then anything else and the fact
that it was on sell}. The Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper are pretty cool too!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New crown shape...

Spring is just around the corner...
{New crown shape}

Not my first purchase and for sure not my last {coupon discount code}

I have made a couple of purchases from Petunias and have never been disappointed in the high quality items that come from this shop! Recently I made a purchase for my cousin who is having twins. I was able to make a custom Icky Bag for her with the twinies names on it! I just had to share!
How freakin cute is that!

These bags are great for SO many things. Since they are lined, perfect for soiled clothes when you are out, clothes diapers, and oh so many others things. Just leave it folded up in your diaper bag. I am going to get a XL one for beach/ theme park days {great to put wet clothes in once you change}.

{my hand to show you how BIG the regular Icky Bag is!}

Here is a little bit about Kelly the genius behind Petunias:

1. How long have you been sewing? FOREVER, I can remember sewing outfits for my Pound Puppies stuffed animals when I was little. But I started PETUNIAS after I had my son over 4 years ago. That is when I really got serious about sewing and now do it for hours almost every day.

2. Did you learn to sew from someone or are you self taught? My mom had a sewing machine when I was young so I learned a lot from her. My grandmas and aunts could also sew so I was around it a lot, whether it was by machine or hand quilting. I also have taught myself along the way. If I want to make something I can usually find away. And I hate patterns; we just don't get along. I usually sew by sight and trial and error.

3. Favorite fabric designer? How to choose just ONE? I am a total fabric junkie and LOVE all fabric. But my top list would be: ME, at and in my regular shop. This is a new adventure for me and one I am really enjoying and learning more about every day. I have always loved Amy Butler as well, she gets it right every time.

4. Where do you see you business in the next 5 years? I always need to be trying something new so hopefully my business will be going as well as it is today just larger and functioning with a few new products. Once my kids are in school I would like to peruse more wholesale accounts as well.

5. What's your favorite room in your house and why? MY SEWING ROOM! I have everything I need to create things at my fingertips. If I have an inspiration I can go and make it.

6. Chocolate? Not so much but any other kind of candy is my weakness.

7. What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know? I am a stickler for good customer service. I love to receive it and hope all those potential and current customers out there feel comfortable asking questions and conversing with me about PETUNIAS products.

8. Summer or winter? Summer, I love the warmth and freedom it brings.

Kelly is generously offering a special 10% off discount your entire order just for Buggie and Jellybean followers! {your purchase must contain at least one Icky Bag any style or size} To redeem simply enter BJB100201 in the comments to sellers section when checking out, refund will be given through Paypal once payment is completed.

Offer good now through Feb. 1 and excludes S&H.

Off to go make a purchase from Petunias!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lookie where it showed up now!

My little snowflake crown made another appearance yesterday!
Thanks again to Kim from TomKat Studio for including it in Marley's 1st birthday.
Please go check out Half Baked-The Cake Blog to see Kim's beautiful feature.
It is a must blog to follow for all kinds of goodness...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stephanie Fizer Illustration Giveaway

I just have fallen for Stephanie Fizer's quirky & cute illustrations. Her sweet and whimsical take on things is like a breath of fresh air.

Did something a little different with Stephanie and asked her to answer a few questions, thanks Stephanie for playing along!

1. When did you start illustrating?

I've always been a bit of a doodler, but I didn't seriously start drawing until about 7 years ago when a friend gifted me a sketchbook, some pencils and a book on drawing cartoons. I was hooked!

2. Where do you get your inspiration for your beyond adorable illustrations?

Everywhere, of course :) I think when your an artist it's hard to not be inspired, sometimes there are so many ideas jostling around in my head I don't know where to start. I keep a bunch of little idea journals for the extra bits of inspiration so I can go back and browse them when I'm ready to start working on something new. I grew up in a rural area and still live in an area surrounded by forest, so nature is a big inspiration. And I also really dig looking at vintage illustrations.

3. Did you go to school for art?

Nope, I sure didn't. I actually have a degree in history, which I am obviously putting to no use at all. But as far as art goes, I'm completely self taught through reading a lot of books and study the work of other illustrators.

4. Any cures for a creative slump?

I'm knocking on wood as I type this, but this isn't a huge problem for me. There are times when what I have in my head just won't come out properly on paper. When that happens, I find it's best to just walk away for a bit so I'll grab my dog and take her for a walk. Or settle down to read a book. Or go to Target for no particular reason, just to do something not creative for a bit. Then when I sit down at my desk again, all is well.

5. Pickles huh? Just pickles or anything pickled? {I love pickled things FAV pickle Wickles, oh so yummy}}

Yes, I have a pickle problem for sure. I've been known to go through a gallon jar of them in about a week. I also have a weakness for pickled cauliflower.

6. If given 1000 no holds bar what would you spend it on?

I'm lucky enough to say that I have everything I want in my life right now. Of course, if someone handed me 1000 right now, I'd be tempted to blow it on lots and lots of new art supplies, but after that urge passed, I'd donate the whole chunk to the relief efforts in Haiti, which is more important than anything I want or need right now.

7. Five things in your purse right now?


-sketchbook & pens

-shiny lip gloss


-hot pink umbrella

8. Do you have dishes in the sink right now{I only ask cause I am typing this list to avoid doing mine}?

Never! I'm one of those crazy people who can't go to sleep if there is a dish in the sink. Sadly, I also enjoy doing the dishes, it's good thinking time :)

Stephanie is giving one lucky winner a choice of any of the illustrations from above {click on the picture for the detailed listing}!

Here is how to enter {please leave a separate comment for each entry}
1. Follow my blog go over to Stephanie's shop and come back with your favorite item.
2. Become a follower of Stephanie's blog.
3. Follow Stephanie on Tweeter and/or become a fan on Facebook.
5. Register for Stephanie e-course. Flourish, Growing your creativity into a full-time business.
{5 extra entries}
4. Do you like doing dishes? {I just have to know!}

Giveaway is open until midnight on Jan 24 with a winner announced via on Jan 25.
Good luck!

A little birdie told me {help for Haiti}


Remember Bitsy Blossoms Head wraps? Of course you do...
Well I was just told by a little birdie {more on this very talented little birdie in the future!}
that Bitsy Blossoms is donating 100% of her sales to help Haiti! And this is not just one day of sales but 7 days! I am going to get a thin wrap right now....

Buggie already dresses him up...{& a winner}

{its not a True Love Found crown, but its pretty darn cute!}

Did YOU win the Lily Jane Stationary Giveaway?
Please email me at come with your info.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh I love me some Tracy B Designs.

See this ♥•*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*••*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*•♥•*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*••*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*•♥ that is how
my heart feels when it sees my kitchen table...
Not sure why but I am so drawn to turquoise {as you can see in my little bowls from Africa}. So reached out to Tracy from Tracy B Designs to make me on of her flower bouquets with turquoise, red and pink.
Boy did she come through, I just love her whimsical details...
I needed something cute enough to be worthy of holding my new flowers. So I took a glass {Ikea purchase for $1}, some trimmings, and a hot glue gun...I love it.

No Thank You Tracy, cause this really makes my day Happy!

So who's going to be a bit warmer...{a winner}

Are you going to have warmer days because of one of these beauties? Click here to find out...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Check out where my Snowflake Princess Crown has ended up {& a TLF giveaway}

Remember this little cutie?

Well it was made to match this cutie...

Kim from TomKat Studio had made this beyond adorable invite and I was so inspired by it I had to make a crown to match. I just wanted to Thank Kim for featuring my crown in TWO of her posts here and here.
{Kim also let me now that we also may see my crown show up on Half Baked - The Cake Blog!}

If you would like to win a giveaway for True Love Found head over here.
Thanks Melissa!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

{Just another "Normal" day.}

I went about my day.
Just another "normal" day.
But those just south of me are in turmoil.
They are experiencing terrible devastation, despair, sadness, loss and loneliness.
I pray for those in Haiti.
I pray for those around the world who are closely effect by this natural disaster.
I pray for those people who feel Haitians brought this upon themselves.

I try to monitor how much my little Buggie sees of this historical event.
But at one point when she saw just a little glimpse of some video,
her sweet words were "AH, Momma they are lost. They need to find their way home."
I pray they find their way "home".

Text Haiti to 90999
$10 will be charged to your phone bill, so simple.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So many thanks {a winner}

I just wanted to take a second today and thank you.
Sometimes I feel like no one is listening to me, you know in one ear out the other kind of thing.
But I never feel that way when I blog.
Your comments are always taken in slowly and thankfully.

When I ask a question, I never know if it will go unanswered but to my surprise you ladies
care enough and leave me comments of help and encouragement.
And I thank you for that.

Jellybean's cheeks have never been smoother, all thanks to everyones wonderful
suggestions. You all rock!

Also my whole stroller dilemma, AGH! But I was so happy to read "real" accounts from
you guys about what has worked for you. And a special thanks to Angela and her daughter, they really helped! We have made a decision but I am holding off to show you in another post.

And thanks to you guys I have a new Valentines Day Playlist:

'The One' Elton John

‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Frank Sinatra

‘I'll Be’ {no artist given}

‘Set me as a seal' Matt Maher

‘I don't want to miss a thing’ Aerosmith.

‘To know love’ Little Big Town

‘At Last’

‘Baby It's Cold Outside’

‘You're My Best Friend’ Don Williams.

‘Unbelievable’ Craig David

‘By Your Side’ Sade

’How Sweet it is’ James Taylor


‘From this Moment’ Shania Twain.

The winner of a new Valentines Day Shabby Chic Snapclip is:

Moni Rose.

There's no custom order I can not tackle...{hope I never my words}

Heres how this order went down...
"Custom gingerbread crown needed."
Ok I can do that...
"Its for my three year old daughter."
Ok how about a gingerbread girl?
What colors are you using?
"Red, brown and white mostly. But with hints of bright pink and lime green."
Hum, ok...
"Oh and I really love polka dots and bling."
Wow, let me see what I can do...

I think this little beauty turned out better then I pictured, ok honestly I could not picture it AT ALL!
Since it is seasonal, I am not listing but she has inspired another crown that I will just have to name after Baleigh.

An by the way what a super cute party theme for a birthday in the holiday times.
I really do love working with Mommas to create one of a kind crowns for their little ones.
The challenge makes my mind turn its gears...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A beautiful story {Lily Jane Stationary Giveaway}

Before I even discuss a giveaway from Lily Jane stationary, you must read the story behind this shop...

This past summer, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lily. She was born with a birth defect that shortened her life to a brief 6 weeks. She made such a big impact in my life; I knew I needed to find some way to carry on her legacy. I had been selling on Etsy for a little while, but decided to close down my old shop and open a new one, which I named Lily Jane Stationery, after my daughter. I also chose to donate 10% of all my proceeds to March of Dimes in her behalf as an effort to help other families who find themselves in similar situations.

Lily Jane Stationery has a collection of individual cards, boxed and tied stationery sets, custom invitations and gift wrap. I also offer a few items seasonally - like the desk calendar and planner. I love what I do and enjoy working one on one with buyers to create custom stationery and invitations, too.

To read Lily's story in it full length please click here. It is beautiful...

Ok now put your tissue down and read up on this awesome giveaway!
As many of you had noted about your News Years resolutions, getting organized was a top priority, which it was mine as well. So last week I decided I needed a note book calendar. After a brief search on Etsy, I came across Lily Jane Stationary and fell in love with this...
Then I saw that 10% of the proceeds go to March of Dimes, I was sold. I reached out to Meredith after reading Lily's story to see if she would like to host a giveaway, and she said yes!

So one lucky winner can get their hands on this super awesome calendar!
Here is how to enter {remember to leave a comment PER entry, want to make sure you get all your chances to win}...
1. Follow my blog. Head over to Lily Jane Stationary and come back with your favorite item.
2. Become a follower of Meredith on her blog. {she has some beautiful postings}
3. Blog, Tweet, and/or FB about this giveaway {please leave a link}
4. Make a purchase from Lily Jane {remember 10% goes to March of Dime, 5 extra entries}
5. Make a charitable donation, now this does NOT have to be monetary. Give blood, donate jackets to your local collation for the homeless, anything. {If you have done something in the past month that counts, 5 extra entries}

This giveaway will be open until midnight on Jan 17th, with a winner announced Jan 18th by using


T-shirts & a winner...

So we recently had a BIG birthday in my family, my Dad turn 60! He had a self declaration that he would have a birthday year. We tend to do this in our family, birthday weeks , months, and now years. But another thing we do for these occasions is making funny shirts for the birthday person. Over New Years Eve day, we had a party for my Dad with friends and most of our family. And we had to make shirts to celebrate! After finding a bunch of fun pics, we let the ironing commence...

{this was Hubby's shirt, his favorite picture we found}

{the fun part is finding special shirts for people to wear, my lil cous and lil sis}

{Cousin lovin}

{Buggie dancing to her favorite song "Party in the USA" by Miley}

{All of us in our t-shirt glory! I love my parents kissing and holding hands, super sweet!}

Now for a winner of the Curly Birdie Giveaway was number 37:
Tylerpants who said:
"My New Year's resolution is to take better care of myself in preparation for baby #2! "
Congrats! Maybe that new baby will be wearing Curly Birdie?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blog Sale...

As I have come to dislike listing things on Ebay, I noticed a trend with some of the
other blogs I follow, blog sales. Now this might not be new to you but it is to me, and I LOVE it! So I did a little closet cleaning of some higher end items that I would love to see if you
may like.

Coach purse, this does show some wear around the edges of the purse. It is made of their easy wipe material. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to double up and make it smaller.
Listing for $15.00 w/ Shipping of $3.00

Another Coach purse also showing a little wear around the edges, but in excellent condition. Made from suede and leather.
Listing for $20 w/ Shipping $3

Lucky Brand Jeans girls size 2t w/ adjustable waist, hardly worn. In perfect condition (pretty much new).
Listing for $20 w/ Shipping $3

Lucky Brand Jeans girls size 18mnths w/ adjustable waist. Great condition (another like new pair). With super cute embroidered rainbows across the back pockets.
Listing for $20 w/ shipping $3

Gap Jeans girls size 3t w/ adjustable waist. Ok so these are brand new, washed once, only to realize Buggie could not wear them at all (too short, should have gone with 4t, darn). So near left the house.
Listing for $15 w/ shipping $3

Lucky Brand Jeans girls 3t w/ adjustable waist. Ok so these are brand new w/ tags. These straight leg jeans are beyond adorable, with super cute embroidered details on the front and back. Retail price $59
Listing for $39 w/ shipping of $3

Lucky Brand Jeans girls size 2t skirt w/ adjustable waist. This is in excellent condition as well. Great for upcoming V-day. Patch work on front and back.
Listing for $15 w/ shipping $3

LillyKelly girls size 23 (US toddler 7). These are a little worn but still have some good milage left in them! They are a bright pink with sequenced with flowers. Uber cute and are a great shoe for little kiddos feet.

If you are interested in any of these items please email me @ Payment will be made via paypal.
Prices are not set in stone so please do not hesitate to ask.
I am going to keep this to US only and will combine ship.
I will update if anything gets sold (lets hope so anyways, hehe).