Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awk2theWard Wednesday {Mar 2nd}

Coming at you each week with a little dose of awkwardly funny moments
that make life a little extra special.

- Sitting in the waiting room of the mini ER on a Sunday evening with your 4yr old to have the above x-ray done {she is fine, nothing broken} and in walks a man and woman. The man then puts a bag on the counter, which after closer examination has cats on it. And you hear the man say {not in a whisper} "um I was wondering if I can buy some needles?" Of course this gets your attention. He then goes on to say he needs to give his cat IV fluids and has been all over town looking for needles. But the part that got me into a head shaking giggle was when he said "I promise I am not a heroin addict, man why do they make it so hard to buy needles." Really?
Have you ever heard someone get cats, IV fluids, and heroin addict into three sentences?
I am still shaking my head and smiling.

- My friend Jenni's FB status the other day : "Being an adult is dumb."
Dude I totally agree, but then I go into my kitchen and eat a whole sleeve of Thin Mints
and think is has its perks too...

Got something funny to share?


Jami Nato said...

i give my cat IV fluids all the time.

weird. just let the cat's time.

Bethany said...

Ha ha I blogged out mine this week over at ;)

Craftcherry said...

LOL...oh I needed that laugh today.

CLH said...

I got here from Bethany's blog. My son is 11, 12 the end of this month, if I let him live that long. We were in the car on the air force base this weekend where I lived when I was a teenager and came to this town, driving with my new business partner who I know well enough but not that well. She's always been a civilian, so we're on base to promote our company in an event, and we have my kids with me, the aforementioned tween and my 8 y.o. daughter. We need to kill a few minutes before setting up, so I say, "I'll take you to see the house and neighborhood where I lived when we first moved here." And my son says, "OH, mom. You mean the house where you made out with your old boyfriend?"

Uh-huh, and more awkwardly, I had to react like I didn't want to inflict bodily harm on him and instead said something like, "Son, that's totally inappropriate and you owe me an apology. And I NEVER made out with my old boyfriend there."