Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great new contest at Spearmint Baby...

Check out the new contest Spearmint Baby is having.  Its for Erba, an organic Mommy and Baby body product line.  Check it out!

Loving these burp clothes...

Found these super cute burp clothes awhile back and now with Jellybean on the way, I am going to HAVE to order them.  There is a bib to match, how cute is that!  For more super cute burp clothes and bibs check out the Etsy store where I found these, Pearly Gray.

Excited to Announce...

I have teamed up with one of my favorite Etsy stores to bring you my first giveaway.  Please stay tuned in the up coming week for all the entry details.  I am so excited about this.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Loving these shades and pillows that I just found at Helen Rawlinson.

Found a crib, now only when will in be in stock!!!

Not sure why this time around I have been drawn to a much more modern nursery, but this crib is exactly the look I wanted.  I was not sure on white furniture if Jellybean turns out to be a boy, But I think this crib would work for sure.  What do you think?

Dream nursery glider.

How awesome is this glider?!  I love the modern shape of it, something I could use after Jellybean is older.  It is from a get site with super cute modern furniture, Monte Design.
And if you love this you need to check out the giveaway Project Nursery is having on another super cute item of Monte's, the Cubino Chair.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another find...

Another find on Etsy, Lovely Sweet William.
Not sure why I am so attracted to these ABC prints.  But I guess I am going in a certain direction.

Peace Love Mom Spearmint Baby Contest

Ok so I have notice several times Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 wearing this super cute long sleeve shirt.  Never knew where is came from, until now!  Spearmint Baby is currently holding a contest to win a free tank  Peace Love Mom!  So I went to check out Peace Love Mom's site and what do I see but Kate in the shirt, mystery solved.  The tank that you could win  is super cute and a great color.  Perfect for this dog day summers we have. I wish I had a baby shower coming up because I think this would be a perfect new Mommy gift! Go check it out and you can also enter a chance to win!!! Yippee.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jellybeans Bedding

This is the bedding we are going to use in Jellybeans room.  

Two more prints I found I love.  First one is girlie, but I love the shop I found them at Modern Pop Designs.

Found this at Creative Neesh.  I like it for Jellybeans new room.

Adventures in Motherhood. Chapter 1

With our new baby in the oven, I find myself wondering how the heck all this is going to work.  When I was preggers (My hubby hates the word preggers) with Avery I had all the new mother worries.  Are we going to survive without me working, I am going to make it through labor without freaking out on my hubby, are we going to stay insane and the list went on and on.  Three years later I can say some concerns were valid but they were few and far between.  I still find myself questioning my sanity, but I have come to terms with the fact that this will always be.

So with Jellybean on the way new concerns are popping up.  My husband and I are one of those couples who like the surprise of not finding out what we are having.  Avery is convinced that Jellybean is a girl.  So now with Avery I find myself every day telling her "You know Jellybean might be a boy".    At a recent visit to Babies R Us, she picked up every single pink or purple thing she could find and told us this is for Jellybean.  Hubby and looked at each other and said in unison, "We better bring her home a girl!".  So what if Jellybean is a boy, is she going to put him out on the porch for someone to come take him?  Is she going to ask me to return him to the store?  Oh the images flowing through my head...