Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Letter Tradition.

As we all know cookies are Santa's favorite thing to get at Christmas Eve.
We also leave carrots for the reindeer.
Of course Buggie leaves these items for the "Big" man and his flying friends.

But last year I wanted to start a new tradition to carry on through the years.
So instead of the standard post-it-note thank you, thats what I always got from Santa, I decided
Santa was going to leave a note to Buggie.
This note was going to highlight all the great things she did through the year.
At 2 and 1/2 it was filled with things like sharing and playing nice with her friends.
But this years letter is going to be a lot more in depth, since we had her starting school
and becoming a big sister to talk about.

Since "Santa" is drafting these letters on the computer, I (oops I mean he) plans to compile them over the years into a book.  Something I would hope she will cherish.  Especially when she is older and knows who is really behind the letters.

Jellybeans letter will be fun to do this year also, hum you eat great, poop even better, and sleep the best!

Silly story to share about leaving cookies for Santa.
A woman my Hubby works with was leaving cookies for Santa with her 5 year old.
Her daughter wanted to leave something for Mrs Claus, of course the Mom was all about that.
So she asked her daughter what do you think Mrs. Claus would like.  
Her daughter said "Um I think a glass of wine."
So Santa gets cookies and Mrs Claus gets a glass of wine...LOVE IT!

Linking this post up over at Kelly's Korner.  Go check out the other
traditions people have, there maybe one you would like to try!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Deck the Tree Giveaway {Day Four of the Holiday week of Giveaways}

Last year I came across the most adorable seller on Etsy at September House.  IR embroidery, I think its so delicate and just lovely.  So I reached out to Corinne to see if she could make my family a custom ornament and another for a old friend.  And she truly came through.  Check out my ornament below.

Cute right?  

She makes the most darling pieces. 

I love her DIY calendar kits, what a great gift for the crafter in your lives.

I asked Corinne if she would host a giveaway this week, knowing this was her busiest time of the year I kept my fingers crossed, and am so happy that she said YES!

She has offered to make one lucky winner a monogramed ornament in your choice of colors!

Here is how to enter (Please leave a separate comment for each entry):
1. Become a follower then head on over to September House and come back with your favorite item.
2. F/B or Tweet about giveaway week
3. Blog about giveaway week (please provide a link)
4.. Tell us about a special item that has been passed done to you, that makes it appearance during the holidays.   (Mine would be my Great Nana's nativity set.  We lost baby Jesus years ago to the heat of the attic (He was made of wax) so he was replaced with a paper towel.  I could really replace him but the paper towel is over 15 yrs old now!)

Giveaway is open until midnight on Dec 4 and a winner will be announced using on Dec 5.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nothing like a new pair of sneaks...

Every year since Buggie was born, around the holidays I get her a pair of
silver dress shoes.  You know for all the "events" we get invited too, ha kidding.
So this year I wanted to get her something much more 
practical and useful.  So I found the perfect 
pair of gold sneaks by Morgan and Milo.

I am so excited to get some cute knee highs and tights for her to wear with them.

I purchased these cuties from a local store, Tiny Toes, that carries my hair accessory line, Bsweet Boutique.  You can also shop Tiny Toes online, they just launch their e-commerce site this year.

Moni Rose Winner...

And the winner is Tanya, who said she would choose option one.  I am sure Monica and I both will be doing a post on the finish product so check back!

Wooly Cozy Wednesday Giveaway {Day Three of Holiday Giveaway Week}

I  do not think I could have a better giveaway for the day before Thanksgiving then LoopLoft.  Not only is Lisa using repurposed materials but she donates a portion of her sales to several different organizations. 



10% of all her holiday sales will be donated to a local charity called Kids Food Basket.

Help fight breast cancer with a purchase of ‘chicks for a cause softie (See first photo below)’, $10 from

each sale goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Donate 2 wool sweaters to Looploft & Lisa will

Donate a softie to the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, which is in her hometown of Grand Rapids.

So as you can tell Lisa is a very giving person, so do not be surprised that she is offering winners choice of either a softie or stocking!  Wow I know...

Here is how to enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog and go to Looploft and come back with a comment on
favorite item.
2. FB and or Tweet about my giveaway week
3. Blog about my giveaway week.
4. Comment on something you do during the holiday season that is charitable, not only
is it nice to hear but you may inspire someone else to do the same!

Giveaway will be open until Dec 2 at midnight and a winner will be announce using on Dec 3.

Good luck my little Turkeys!
Do not forget the other giveaways for this week and I will see you back on Friday for
the last one!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Smell Good Tuesday Giveaway {Holiday Giveaway Day 2}

It is always good to find sellers who put tremendous effort in the materials they use to get a end product you can be proud of purchasing.  Alissia from Flame Candle Company is one of those sellers.  She is new to Etsy, but is finding a niche in the sustainable candles she is making. Here is a little bit about her and her store:

I am a stay-at-home mom. I have one feisty, beautiful, almost-five-year-old daughter. She turns 5 on Christmas Christmas present ever!! I love yoga and am 6 months into a year long yoga teacher training. I am learning so much! I love to garden and arrange flowers. I am passionate about living a holistic lifestyle. I love to cook healthy food and am really into alternative healing methods.

 At any given time, I probably have at least 2 or 3 creative projects going on. I love to take pictures. I would consider myself an amateur, but it's so much fun! I make jewelry, for which I started a website and blog. You can check those out at and are still in progress.

 I had an idea for making candles and very recently decided to join Etsy and set up a shop. I wanted to make candles that are not going to throw harmful chemicals into the air. I chose to work with palm wax because I found a source of sustainably harvested, non-genetically modified candle wax. I use essential oils to provide the scent. The health benefits of essential oils are vast. Some of the glass jars I am using are recycled...not all, but I use the ones I can. I am not using dyes to color my candles either, so I thought it might be fun to decorate each individual jar...make each one a little craft project.

That's me and my shop in a nutshell. I'm so happy to be on Etsy. I'm grateful to be a part of a community of artisans that work together and help each other. It's been such a short time, but I already feel at home. Hopefully that is a sign of things to come. Thanks Amy for helping me feel welcome!

Doesn't Alissia sound like on AWESOME chick?!

I sure think so, if not only by the fact that she is offering a winners choice on one of her candles!

Here is how to enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog and then go to any of Alissia's sites and come back with a favorite item.
2. Blog about my giveaway week.
3. FB and/or Tweet about my giveaway week
4. Let us hear about your favorite holiday tradition.

Giveaway open until midnight on Nov 30.  And winner will be announced Dec 1, by using

Good luck to all!  Do not forget to come back each day this week for more giveaway (not Thursday)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Bright & Cheery Monday Giveaway {Day one of Giveaway week}

Today is the first giveaway of my holiday giveaway week.  And to start our Monday off right I thought how perfect it would be to share Tracy B Designs and her bright and cheery creations with all of you!

I stumbled upon Tracy and her beyond adorable Etsy store last month.  I was excited to see Tracy was also located in Orlando. I love connecting with local vendors and supporting them.  I was beyond happy with my purchase and knew I wanted to see if Tracy would host a giveaway.  So I am UBER excited to share her store and the lovely item she is giving away this week.

But first here is just a few items from Tracy B Designs, all her items  truly are sumptuous for the eyes, so it was not easy to pick.

Here is how Tracy describes her designs:

Delightful designs and fresh paper & fabric applications are the trademark of my work. A combination of sewing, detailed hand work, original designs and ultra pretty embellishments are featured in many of my items. Lots of my pieces are eco-friendly & incorporate recycled bits of fabric and/or re-purposed vintage & retro fabrics.

This Les Scrap La Fleur Bouquet is what I purchased last month, but it was her Halloween version.  I love love love that Tracy is eco-friendly.  To read more about her go here.

Ready to see what Tracy is so generously offering this week?

How about this sweet ornament from her "Sugar Plum" collection?  You know you want to win this, I know I want it! 

 Here is how to enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog, then go to Tracy B Designs and come back with a comment on your favorite item.
2. Blog about my giveaway week, please provide a link.
3. FB and/or Tweet about my giveaway week
4. Make a purchase from Tracy B Designs (extra 5 entries)
5. Lets us know your Thanksgiving plans, love to here where you might be going or who is coming to see you!

Please leave one comment for each entry.  Giveaway will close at midnight on Nov 29.  A winner will be chosen on Nov 30 by

Good luck and make sure to come back every day this week for another giveaway!  (oh except Thursday)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, I just have to share...

As you may have noticed from other posts about Sweet Prints, I L.O.V.E. Erica and
all her designs.  

I reached out to her to create a birth announcement/holiday card (all about
saving paper and money on stamps!)

Of course without a doubt, Erica came through.  Seriously came through.

So I am sharing before I mail it out, sorry if you get this in the mail soon.  But I just had to.

Go check out Sweet Prints, Erica has extended her holiday sale until tomorrow.  Do not miss out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

You enter our lives two weeks ago today...

As I reflect over the past two weeks, I feel a lot of emotions and feelings.

I go back to hearing "It's a boy!" from Hubby.
And feel those warm tears running down my face.

I see Buggie coming into the room and seeing her little 
brother for the first time.  And how big my heart felt for the love of my 
little lovies.  And at the same time hurt because I knew
how much Buggie's life was changing.

I remember the ride home squeezed between two car seats in the backseat, thinking how 
grateful I was for my babies.  But for reason was thinking "why" did we do this again?
Was a bad Mom for thinking that?  I have overcome that feeling and realized 
it was very natural.

Those first two nights of Jellybean under the light therapy just watching him thinking 
of how fast these first days were going to go by.  Phew and they sure did.

Going back to the first time I was nursing in front of Buggie and her looking at
me with this curious expression then says "Momma put that away." Then the next day 
laughing so hard I thought I would pee my pants.  Buggie and Hubby were playing in her 
playroom.  Hubby was her baby and he asked her make him some food (referring to her making
something in her play kitchen).  But she decides to pull her shirt over her shoulder and
tells him he needs to eat her boobies! LOL...

Speaking of nursing, the first time I took a shower after being home and the thought of
stepping out of the shower into the cold air, made my knees weak ( I am sure you know what I mean).  Oh how my boobies felt
those first days.

The love we have received from all our friends and family over the past two weeks.
The food has been endless and the gifts tremendous.  Thank you all!

Hearing yesterday at his 2 week check-up that he is "PERFECT",
made me over come with relief.  Even though I had no concerns, it is
always nice to hear!

Jellybean has found his little niche in our family.

(Do you love Jellybean's onesie?  I sure do. It is just one of the
super cute onesies Tab over at Vintage Lucy's sent to welcome
my little man to the world.  She rocks, thanks again Tab!)

Keep an eye out...everyday next week I will have holiday themed giveaway!
And make sure you check out my current giveaway, will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Check out this Mondays giveaway, WOW!

As you may or may not know a couple of months back I participated in a Blog/Shop Swap.
My second partner was sweet Monica from Monirose.
I asked Monica to tell us all a little bit about herself.
So the stage is all yours Monica:

About me:  I am 23, a working mama of gorgeous baby Clare (10 months old) who is fondly called "clare bear" and "little bird", and married to my amazing husband Ryan (of almost two years). I sew and create into the wee hours of the night after they are t'bed. Raised by a crafty and thrifty mom of twelve (yup I'm one of twelve kids!), and surrounded by six extremely talented and creative sisters, I couldn't help that some of it rubbed off (if not the creativity, but at least the craftiness).  Etsy is such a source of inspiration and community - I love it.

About my shop/work: I found my "creative niche" in college when I started sewing dresses for myself. Two years ago, I took the plunge and made my own wedding dress - such an adventure; I give A LOT of credit to my roommate who put up with fabric and dressform in our living room for 6 months!), after that, I was totally hooked into creating special occasion gowns and dresses; both for women and little girls. 

I've been selling on Etsy for half a year and mainly have made custom orders - I'd love to be able to stop working and sustain a modest second income from Etsy sales. I'm in the works of a couple custom bridal pieces (YAY!), but also love taking on fun, new challenges from customers.  I simply LOVE getting my hands on pieces of raw silk, laces, and trims and have too many ideas in my head for the few hours I currently have to sew!

Something I've learned from selling on Etsy is that handmade is NOT always 'cheaper', but it is almost always better!  I ascribe to a handmade life of beautiful, wellmade, and keepsake items.  I want our daughter Clare to grow up surrounded by the cherished memories of family: my mom gifted us an heirloom quilt top that was pieced by my great grandmother from old clothes, and Clare's baptism gown was made from remnants of my wedding gown: I want my customers and friends to invest in that same idea, and create fun and cherished memories for theirs!

Thanks so much Amy for featuring my work and I hope you and Buggie LOVE the little dress I made for her :)

Thanks Monica!  And "Yes!" we both LOVED Buggie's special dress.  
Check it out...
Monica and I wanted to collabrate together on a special giveaway for both our followers.  Here is the details on this weeks giveaway.  Winner will have choice of option 1 (Girl) or 2 (Boy).  Read below for details on both options.

Here is how to enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment about which option you
would choose.
2. Become a follower of One Among Sisters and leave a comment under Monica's post about this giveaway.
3. Blog, Tweet, or FB about this giveaway. Please leave a link if possible.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  For those that comment on both blogs entries on this giveaway we are going to tally up all entries before picking a winner (You got it double your chances!)

Giveaway ends Nov 22 at midnight Eastern Time.  Winner will be announced
on Nov 23.  
*Please note if option 1 is chosen, this item will be made and shipped in time for the holidays.

**UPDATED: just a note option 1 is valued at $76.00 and option 2 is valued at $55**


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Funday....

Sorry Colts but Bean says go PATS!

Never thought I would do this...

Ok I never pictured myself as the matching outfits for my kiddos kind of Momma.
But when I got The Gap's Friends and Family coupon in my inbox, I fell in love with 
their new Copper Mountain collection.
I think these will be perfect for holiday pictures.
Not to "Christmasie" (its a word look it up) but cozy cute.
What do you think?

The coupon ends today, so use it or lose it.  It is good on sale items, saved $147 yesterday!

Welcome back to my life sling...

The other day I broke out my old friend the "sling".
It was my first time using it with Jellybean, and he loved it (oh I was so excited).
With Buggie I used the sling everyday, and when I say everyday I mean everyday.
It was my best friend.

I can remember the last time I wore the sling with her.  She was 18 mnths old 
and we were at the airport in South Africa.  I remember she was so snugly but at the same time
very squiggly.   And when we got home she did not want anything to do with it.
I was sad, very sad.

With the arrival of Jellybean means the return of the sling.  I am bummed now that we did not get a picture of him in it for the first time, oh well.

This all is in perfect timing with the adventures in babywearing triathlon.

Stephanie has asked her followers to share their favorite babywearing photos.
I did not have to think twice about which photos I would use.
These are from Buggie's first trip to Disney, it was just the beginning to her love of
everything Disney.

(This sling is one of my favorites for HOT Florida days.  It is a water resistance mesh material, used it a lot in the pool.
This is one of three slings I have from Slinglings.  Not sure if she still carries it.)

Buggie was so little back at these, she was around 15 mnths old and had just started walking.

I am sure these will not be the last sling photos on my blog, as my love affair has been reignited!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh the sweet deal!

So as Murphy's Law goes one of the my favorite jeans brand (7 for All Mankind) would have
a HUGE sale 7 days after I gave birth!

Oh well, if I can not partake I would hope some of you 

Go check out my girlfriends blog Steals, Deal and Heels for all the details.

Thanks Tiffany.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I entered Buggie's room in the Small Kid, Big Color contest from
ohdeedoh & Dwell Studio last week.  While her room was accepted but I did not
get the email until this morning.  You know I have been a little busy, but the voting is 
only activate until 10am this morning!

I would love for her room to move on to the next round...

Thanks soo much for your help.

Sunday, November 8, 2009



Nolan (NOE lan; champion of the people; Gaelic) David (DAY vid; beloved; Hebrew) was born on 11/6/2009.
Weighing a whooping 8lbs 4oz.!
Thats a full pound heavier then Buggie, geez no wonder I felt SO big.
We are adjusting to our little family of four.

Buggie is doing as great as I thought she would.
For her little 3 year old mind things happen in the short term.
So if Mommy can not get up from feeding Jellybean to go play tea party, she
does not hold it against me an hour later.

Hubby is nothing more then my soul mate from God.
He is so attentive to all three of us.
Today, when I was crying feeling tired & to be honest a little
freaked out at having two little people to care for, he just looked at me 
and said "You are ok and everything will be ok."
Then added "Make sure you talk to me about how you are feeling, you promise?"

Please do not mind my fat face in this picture. Oh and let me tell you how excited I was to get all my wrist jewelry off!  

Jellybean was a little jaundice, so he had some light therapy in the hospital.  And we are continuing it at home right now.  Which is not making sleeping easy.  Hubby and I are having to trade off watching him and since I am breastfeeding it makes my turn a little longer.

So I might be a little off the blog-o-sphere here and there, as I try to operate through my
day.  But I wanted to thank all of you for your well wishes and thoughts, they were
all greatly appreciated!

Winner of this weeks lil boo & co giveaway is SoBella Creations!

And the winners of this weeks mini giveaway is EVERYONE who entered!
So please email me your addresses so I can mail you your Clippies!
(give me a little bit to get these out to everyone, thanks)

Friday, November 6, 2009


I know I have a mini giveaway to announce the winners for but
yesterday got away from me and this morning I think I will be heading to the hospital!

I will keep you all in formed...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My fav. gift to give & a mini Wednesday giveaway...

Do you have one of those standby gifts, that is your go to in
time of need?

I do.

Wether it be housewarming, wedding, holiday, or birthday you name it
this little beauty is my fall back.

I received my own about 5 years ago from my Mom.  After eyeing hers, she
was afraid very afraid it would show up missing.
We call it the sombrero, but over at Napa Style they call it the Cocorico Roaster
Since I received mine they have added a extra cone for larger birds, bummer!
But I have given this a number of times, and it gets rave reviews.
You do not need to be a cook to use it, just purchase a popper chicken stick it on the 
cone and cook.  Pretty darn simple.
Oh and the clean up, easy peasy.  The glaze on it makes it basically a simple wipe.

I was going to use mine this week and take pictures of how I do it, but I have not
been in the cooking mood at all.  Sorry.  
But my favorite way to cook on it, is to take a lemon and thinly slice it.  Then I layer the
lemons up the cone and stick the bird on it.  Gives the chicken a fresh lemon taste.  Then 
throw some veggies around the base and the lemony juice just do their job.

Any who just wanted to share this great gift (and very reasonably priced) during the turkey eating gift giving season.

Now the mini giveaway:
Since I am on vacation mode over at True Love Found, I have some extra Christmas Tree Shabby Chic Snap Clips to giveaway today.

But now tell me, do you have that perfect gift for all occasions? 

Just leave one comment sharing your go to gift, with the holiday season upon us
would love to see other gift giving ideas. And please share links if possible.

I will pick a winner (or maybe more) tomorrow morning, using

Open Nov 4 through midnight Eastern time and US residents only.

Do not forget to enter my current giveaway.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

South Africa in my heart & on my mind (take me back Tuesday)......

About 3 years ago my parents went to South Africa on vacation, after years of
begging from my Dad's business partner to go, with the promise that 
they would love it.

They went for a month and of course loved it, but to my surprise much more then
we ever thought they would.
They had fallen in love and came home to announce they had
bought a HOUSE!

Since then they go back about every three months and stay for a month or so.
We went at Christmas in 2007, traveled for a full 24hrs, 3 planes, 20 hrs in the air with a
18 month old.  But Buggie did AWESOME!

Their house is in the beautiful valley of Franschooek.
The sky is a shade of blue, Crayola could not duplicate. 
It is wine country, which makes for some wonderful
wine and food! 

We took a short flight to the Kalahari to go on safari.  And 
 stayed at Tswalu Reserve, it was AMAZING!  
They were so family/kid friendly. 

So kid friendly they had a high chair and kiddie silverware all setup before we got there!
(Buggie was so little looking back at these pictures!)

 It was what our family affectionately calls
Africa HOT out, so we took full advantage of the pool.

They have the reserve divide with two sides, this was the predator side (Buggie stayed back
at the room with my Mom for this ride!) And let me just mention I was not
happy about turning my head on these guys!

We did many other cool things (Great White Shark diving included).
But for me one of the best things was meeting some fantastic people. 
One of which was a friend my parents had come to know over their trips, Frances Kendall.
She is by far one of the most talented, accomplished, and genuine people I have met. From Politician, Noble Peace Prize nominated writer and accomplished painter, I mean seriously! If you go check out her website you can read her whole story, plus see the portraits of our family and her other amazing pieces of work.
My parents had commissioned Frances to do an oil painting of my Mom, which hangs in their home in South Africa (see below hanging over the fireplace in their bedroom).

So with us kids together they knew that they wanted her to work her magic on our family.  This painting is stunning, not just cause I am in it, LOL!  But to see it up close is eye popping, gasping, and beyond stunning.  This beauty hangs in their home here in the states.

And to my surprise my parents wanted Frances to paint a portrait of Buggie for us!  It is gorgeous.  I love and cherish it ooooh so much.

With Jellybean coming (any day now 3cm!) we are not going to South Africa any time soon.  But we are planning a trip for next Christmas, I really can not wait. It is a place I never
imagined going and now can not imagine not going back.