Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Where Art Thou? - You Capture "Autumn"

Fall is pretty much nonexistent here in the Sunshine State.
The mercury reached well into the 90's today so Buggie and I
ventured out in our tank tops and flippies for some outside fun...

So over this record heat, which is not making being 37 weeks preggers very pleasurable!  

Now go over and enter your own autumn moments at 


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Miss Mismatched

Over the past weekend I had a wonderful baby shower thrown for me (pictures to come).
One of my Girlies gave the cutest kimono for Jellybean (see below). It came from a super fun store I had never heard of Little Miss Mismatched.
The store specializes in all things mismatched, I know duh the name says it all.  But the concept is really cool, the whole store is pretty much interchangeable and the price is super reasonable.

They have everything from clothes for the whole family to furniture.

I love that the socks come in three packs, beyond fun!

Thanks Roberta, I can not wait for Jellybean to wear his/her new kimono.  

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shop Swap & Blog Partner #1 (w/ a giveaway)...

About a month ago I signed up for a Shop Swap & Blog Partner.  I had chosen to partner up with two shops.

The first of my partners I want to share with you is Melissa.  She is a super sweet Momma of two little cuties and runs a fun Etsy store Max and Ellie with her sister Emily.

We each sent each other little packages with items from our stores, I LOVE getting things in
the mail and this was no exception.  Before we get into our goodies here is the skinny on Melissa:

I taught high school science for 5 years before becoming a SAHM to my two little girls.
My oldest was born in Las Vegas, and just before her first birthday, we moved away from all
our friends and family!  My second was born here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  My husband and I are looking at purchasing a small farm.  We think that would be a kick in the pants and we really want our kids to grow up with an appreciation of nature.  
I love to cook, read, make things, and watch TV.

My sister Emily and I both joined Etsy a few years back and loved to look at all of the beautiful things people were creating.  We also thought to ourselves, "I should open a shop."  But neither of us was brave enough to mention it to anyone, let alone do anything about it.  It was not until the summer of 2008 when our brother gave each of us a cute baby bib from his friend Michelle's  shop, another SAHM, that we decided then we finally could do it.
After a few months of R&D Max and Ellie officially opened its cyber-doors and made its first sale that day!

Our goal at Max and Ellie is to have fun making lovely things for babies, toddlers, and mommies. Making money would be icing on the cake, we would thrilled if we broke even!

What a great story of putting yourself out there for success.  It is so easy for us Mommies to
put the dreams of kiddos ahead of our own.  Sometimes we need to make ourselves happy so we have happy children.  I think Melissa is a great example of this!

Now to the good stuff:

There was no rules on what we were to exchange, it was completely up to the partners.  So for me just to get one thing from Max and Ellie would be awesome.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to open my package to find THREE!

You may have seen this little adorable apron in a previous post, it is just the perfect size for Buggie.  I love the elastic neck and velcro closure, makes it perfect for her to get on and off without any help.

HOW CUTE IS THIS ONESIES!  I love the color combo, perfect for those unknown babies like Jellybean. Great quality and detail, I can so picture this one on over the summer at the beach!

And how awesome is it that I got  something too!  This is perfect size, Itty Bitty Boo Boo Kit for my purse.  It came with bandaids and alcohol wipes.  Great idea since us Mommies know, boo boos happen at the most unlikely of times...

It was such a pleasure working with Melissa on this swap.  I hope you enjoyed reading about her and visiting her shop.  Melissa did want to share her favorite online shop for kids Let's Explore, I have not browse the whole thing yet, but I can not wait to get into so holiday shopping!

Now for a giveaway!  
Melissa is offering to one lucky winner a Itty Bitty Boo Boo Kit of their own, winners choice!

Here is how you can enter:
1. Become a follower of my blog and then visit Max and Ellie, come back and 
leave a comment on your favorite item.
2. Become a follower of Melissa's blog Max and Ellie.
3. Tweet, blog or FB about this giveaway.
4. Make a purchase from Max and Ellie (5 extra entries)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  Giveaway will be open until Nov 1 at midnight.  A winner will be chosen by on Nov 2.


Winner Winner Pumpkin Dinner

We ventured to the pumpkin patch this weekend.
Seeing Buggie running up and down the rows made me think
of the first time we took her to the pumpkin patch.
Thought I would share a picture from that first time...

Notice the jeans, it was her first pair and they came up under her arms!  It was a chilly beautiful morning.
Not so much this year, it was around 87, YUCK!
I can not get over how the time goes soooo fast...

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Goodie Bags

Today was the first day in a while Buggie was back to herself.
So to celebrate, we did something I have been wanting to do for a couple of weeks.
Put together HaLlOwEeN goodie bags for Buggies little classmates.
Her school encourages parents to bring in things other then the three C's, you know
cupcakes, cookies ,and candy.  Which I do really appreciate. And since
they are VERY conscious of allergies, healthy snacks can be tricking.  So I went a
different route.

A few weeks back I entered a giveaway on The TomKat Studio Blog.  
Which to my surprise, I won!  Lets just say I was on a MAJOR losing
streak lately.
I had won these SuPeR cute HaLlOwEeN Party Circles (which she has one sale
for $5 right now)!

I would have used my circle punch, but it is MIA.  And I know for sure Murphy's Law will prevail and it will show its circle face tomorrow...
So I used my circle cutter, not as accurate of a cut, but a circle non the less.

Here was all our loot.  Jelly bracelets (personal old school fav), play-doh, glow bracelets (12 for $1 @ Target can not beat that), pencils, erasers, some fruit snacks, and of course I had to have a Etsy purchase in there.  I ordered Happy Face Pumpkin Crayons from Lil Boo & Co.
You need to go check them out all her other HaLlOwEeN items, which are all 20% off and tomorrow is the last day to order for HaLlOwEeN delivery.  

Buggie had so much fun loading up the bags. Her words "Oh Mommy my friends are
going to be SOOOOO happy."
Notice her little beauty of a apron, its from Max & Ellie
But MUCH MUCH more to come on this adorable shop...

I am so excited to have something in my HaLlOwEeN basket (I need to tell Pottery Barn they need a bigger version).  Side note I have all the liners for it, they were
all purchased out of season, saved a lot of $, and I like this years HaLlOwEeN one better then
mine!  Guess I will be ordering...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Vacation Mode...

I hated doing this, I really wanted to wait another 2 weeks.
But I decided to put my shop on vacation mode, I am just too uncomfortable
to be sitting at my table for long periods of time.
Plus at this weeks appointment (36 weeks) Dr informed me 
I am already 1 cm, cervix has soften, and Jellybean is head down.
So lets just say I did not want a pile of orders and then go into

But my little shop has gotten some blog love this week I wanted to share.
(Mya's Momma is a photographer I wish I could have on retainer
but since we live across the country from each other, this is only a dream.
But her work is GORGEOUS!)

Side note Buggie is sick AGIAN, with another ear infection and sinus infection.  
This time a little worst then last, she is having to get shots of antibiotics in each leg
for the next three days.
This has been SUPER stressful for us, she NEVER gets sick, I mean NEVER.
The only other time she has been to the Dr (for being sick) before these ear infections, she was 
18 mnths old.  So trying to handle it the best I can.  Everyone keeps telling
me that give it 6 mnths at school for to build up her immune system.
Problem is that she needs to be at school for that to happen!

Make sure you enter my current giveaway if you haven't already...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hold on to your seats for this Monday's giveaway...

Ok I can truly say I am beyond jealous of my own giveaway!  

Almost to the point of setting up a fake account to enter to win.

But I would never do such a thing, or would I? LOL

I recently made a purchase from One Life Jewelry, can not tell you what it was or for 
since I have not even it to the person yet.  But lets just say I was beyond happy with my purchase. 

I reached out to Arlyne from One Life Jewelry to see if she would host a giveaway 
and she not only said yes but came through with an amazing choice for you!

Before we get to the goodie, here is a little bit about Arlyne:

Let's see , where do I begin (I have had nine lives)...

Graduated Fashion Institute of Technology for a degree in fashion design and a degree in merchandising. Became a clothing designer and traveled overseas frequently...Europe and the Far East. Fell in love with my best friend, got married, and made 2 boys, my most beautiful designs ever... Left the "fashion" industry of NYC for a sleepy "mediteranean town" on the gulf coast of Florida. Fell in love with the water, the peace, my family, the stars... Saw a necklace with 3 gold stars in the movie Mamma Mia, and I was intoxicated. I made one for myself, and then my husband encouraged me to sell one on Etsy. It sold in about 12 minutes, and my secret desire all these years to make and design jewelry quickly became a reality. I live a life I had onced dreamed of while riding the Queens/Manhattan express bus. I am in the process of dreaming some more again, and this time a little bigger.

How awesome is that!  Life does give us rewards, we just need to pursue our dreams to
obtain them.  Thanks Arlyne you rock!

So I randomly choose some pictures from her store because lets just say I could have 
put all 242 items she has listed in this post!

Ready for what you can win?!  This beauty is waiting to go around your neck...
Here is how Arlyne describes this Family Circle :

My immediate family of four, handstamped and hammered on a sterling silver washer. I wear it with 2 separate sterling silver chains, and never have to poke a hole in the washer to wear it. All equal members in the family, all equal sides, round and round we go.

YOUR custom pendant will have as many names as we can fit, also with 2 sterling silver 18" chains. Wear it like I do, or come up with your own configuration. attach the 2 chains together and make it long at 38", or string the washer through one chain for a very casual and simple look.

Lets get to the entering:
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry.)

1. Become a follower of my blog and then go to One Life Jewelry. Come back and leave 
a comment on your favorite item.
2. Blog about this giveaway (please leave a link)
3. Twitter or Facebook about the giveaway
4. Make a purchase from One Life Jewelry (5 extra entries leave a comment for each)

Giveaway is open until midnight on Oct 25th. 
A winner will randomly be chosen using on Oct 26th.

Good luck my little dreamers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye ankles and hello cankles....(and a winner)

So its official, the cankles have arrived.  
We went to Seaworld this weekend for their Spooktacular.
I went with ankles and came home with these beauties...

But as the time approaches for Jellybeans arrival, we are enjoying these moments as a family of three.  Notice my Pumpkin Smuggler shirt (its from Jellybean Apparel), I got SOOO many comments on it.  The funniest was a lady walking with her granddaughter, who asked me where I got it.  Then said her daughter was due next month. I told her so was I, then she told me "But she is HUGE!".  I took that as a compliment.  

This was our second year going, and they have a cookie decorating station, super fun!

Buggie had to show the dolphins her face paint, they LOVED it.

Ran into some friends and their daughter. They walked around the whole rest of the day holding hands...

My Mommy got her face painted also, even got glitter!  Lets just say that would have never happen for any of us kids, she even told the face painter that.

Buggie with my Dad (Abuelo) and Mom (Nonnie), we had the best day!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long time over due...Buggies Room...

Let me just begin this post with a wonderful treat for you all.
Erica over at Sweet Prints sent me an email the other day, she wants to extend to all of my followers 10% off your order!
All you need to do is mention my blog, So go order your holiday cards, I will be soon!
Thanks Erica you are wonderful.

Ok so the other day, as I was thinking of all the fun things I have planned for Jellybeans room, I realized I have never shared Buggies room with you all.

As you can tell I am not afraid of color, and feel that it stimulates the mind and soul.

These little sweet pillowcases were what I feel in love with and started from when planning out her room.  They can be found at KuKunest

The dresser is from Ikea, we actually love it so much we got the shorter version for Jellybean's room.  The only thing I changed on it was the knobs.

My muralist did a fantastic job getting my ideas on the walls.  The pillowcases had a matching duvet cover that had lanterns on it.  Since I did not want so much going on with her bed, I decided to have put up on the walls.  They are swaying in the wind, with cherry blossoms blowing around.  

This little sweetness was a little surprise for my penguin loving Buggie.  She sits behind her door.

The stool is very special to our family, my husbands beloved grandmother made it.  And Buggie has her middle name.

Her shelves house treasures from around the world.  This colorful doll is from Mexico.

This bouncy mouse is from Kosovo.

These hand painted trinkets are from South Africa.

So there it is.  We love her "blue room" (thats a buggieism).  I am over the moon that all my dreams and visions came true and that Buggie has a room to grow into.  Next up Jellybeans, YIPPE!