Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween came a few days early...

Howdy Y'all!
We gathered up the Toy Story gang and headed out to Disney for some "Not so Scary" fun.
I have to say dressing up for Halloween is super fun, but doing it as a group takes it to the next level.
The kids got such a kick out of people referring to us as "the Toy Story Family" {and maybe Momma got a little kick out of it too}.

The best part was walking over and seeing that the new Fantasyland was open for a dress rehearsal, this is HUGE people.  I mean to walk on a ride that when it opens will have no doubt an 1hr+ wait and it took us 5 mins to wait, WAS AWESOME!  Sorry I am still a little geeked out by this...

Needless to say for anyone thinking if it worth the extra money for a "special" event at Disney, I vote YES! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

BOOing, snail mail style.

We are HUGE fans in this house of Booing our neighbors.
Its turned into such a fun tradition, that we are have been the family to start it each year.
The other day I was making some fun tissue tassels, and thought I knew a few friends that would find them a fun little halloween treat.  So why not BOO! through snail mail?!  
I put together this little card to include in my package...

For the tassels I used this tutorial, I bought tissue paper at Party City for .99 a package, and with only using a sheet per tassel it was a SUPER cost effect project.  Then I wrapped it up with enough yarn for them to be hung and included some stars for added bling.

Here is what I did with mine...

I excited to see the snail mail BOOing take off and other join in the fun.  Please share if you do send something off, I would love to see it!
Happy Halloween Month.