Friday, March 16, 2012

Sponsor Highlight with Aubrey Plays {discount code}

Its always fun to find new shops filled with whimsy. And Aubrey Plays is just one of those shops. I love Aubrey take on illustration and how she turns them into items out of the normal!
Aubrey took a few minutes to answer a few questions, lets get to know her a little bit better...

-Your fabric designs are amazing, what is your art background?
Wow. thanks. I say I was born with a paint brush in my hand. I always told anyone who asked that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I was always drawing. I would paint these scenes for my brothers to stick their heads through for cool photos at all of the birthday parties. Yes, I took some art classes and actually won a couple of awards along the way, but it's just about getting your hands dirty and going for it. I've been a muralist for about 10 years, and now I am doing this.
The fabric side requires me to use Photoshop which is a little like crack to me. I love it, and it is hard to walk away.
So I guess I've figured out how to be an artist when I grow up ;)

-Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start their own shop?
I think the best advice might be hard for a newbie to understand at first but stay authentic to who you are and what you are trying to put out there. Try not to second guess yourself too much. Don't try to keep up with that other shop. Do your own thing. Trust your gut and be your best self. Even if you feel like you have no idea what you are doing, that’s okay. That does not mean you are doing it wrong.

-Do you dream in illustrations?
Is there some "special" drink for that!? How cool would that be!?
I do have dreams about projects I am working on and sometimes I have dreams that give me new ideas.
I think an illustrated dream would be amazing.
Thanks Aubrey for taking the time to answer and for also providing a generous 20% off coupon code for my peeps!! Enter MRSFRIDAY at checkout to receive it!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sponsor Highlight with Jessica N Designs {discount code}

Jessica N Designs is a beautiful shop owned by guess who?! Jessica N! She is a super sweetie with a wonderful eye for design. Jessica was nice enough to indulge me and answer a few questions...

- Where do you draw inspiration from?
I find that most inspiration comes to me when I am least expecting it...when I am on a walk, watching a movie, in the shower...those types of things. I also am very inspired by weddings, I browse wedding blogs like style me pretty and 100 layer cake all the time! SO much inspiration there, from the colors, the decor, the romance...I am already married, but I guess I am a true romantic at heart!

- What's your art background?
I was TERRIBLE in art...I remember getting an F on a painting in Junior High! I was terrified to go to art class, I am not artistic, I can not draw or paint or anything like that! But I am a DIY kind of gal! I always look at things and think "I could do that!" That is really how my business got started! I got my first stamp set from my hubby for Christmas and taught myself how to hand stamp!

- What's your biggest dream for your shop?
I actually started as a hobby, so where I am now is such a surprise and blessing to me!! A little secret dream of mine is to have one of my pieces featured in a wedding magazine like Bride Magazine or Martha Stewart Weddings! (not so secret anymore!) But just to be able to continue doing what I love, creating things people treasure & providing some income for my family is my dream!

Thank you again Jessica for taking the time for us to get to know you a wee bit better.
And A SUPER big thanks for offering a 15% off discount for my readers!!!
Just enter BUGGIEANDBEAN at checkout!
So what are you waiting for go buy something!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sponsor Highlight with A Pearantly Sew

Ali from A Pearantly Sew, is one of those people you know if you ever got to meet in real life, you would hold on tight and never let go of. Which reminds me, I need to ask her if she is up for adopting a 32 yr old before we meet, cause that could get awkward. :)
Ali took a few seconds of her busy day running a shop, household, and taking care of her adorable boys to answer a few questions.

- You attend a lot of blogging conferences, what is the best piece of advice you have taken from them?
My favorite quote from all of the blog conferences I've attended is this...
"When you start pursuing passion, people take notice." - Jeff Goins

-What's an average in your world look like?
An average day for us includes lots of Lego play for the boys, lots of coffee & hot tea for Mama, a little crafting, a little housework, outside play if the weather permits, and dinosaurs...always dinosaurs. Also, we are big fans of lounging around in our jammies :)

- If you had an extra $1000 to spend, no guilt and no worries, what would you do with it?
If I had an extra $1,000 to spend I would go on a nice vacation with my hubby. He travels a lot for work and I feel like we never get enough time together.

These pillows covers she made are part of a little project I have in the works, can't wait to share them once its complete!

Thanks again Ali for sharing a little of yourself with us!

If you have not checked out Ali's shop, I highly recommend it, she is a talented seamstress that makes some beautiful items.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sponsor Highlight with Mandipidy

Mandy is one of those sweet souls that I have had the pleasure of getting to know through blogging. I love her style and whimsical take on things.
And I am the proud owner of several of her prints myself, and the quality is superb!

Mandy took a few moments out her busy day to answer a few questions so we can get to know her a little bit better.

-Where do you get inspiration from when creating your art?
I find inspiration all over the place... My "Place I Love" prints are my most popular pieces, and they all started when my husband and I were road tripping across the country. When we crossed the Georgia boarder, I saw the sign, "Welcome, we're glad Georgia's on your mind," and I started sketching.

-How are you at balancing Mommyhood and work? Any tips for other Mommas?
Not gonna lie, it's hard sometimes. I have a 6 month old, and I'm 16 weeks pregnant, so lots of times when Sophia takes her nap, I just want to sleep too! The biggest challenge has been letting myself let go... to accept that the kitchen can pile up with dishes, hubs may run out of clean underwear, and my Etsy messages may not be answered within the hour... But if I have spent lots of precious time with Sophia and been the best mommy that I can be, then I should count the day as a success. I think it's about zoning in on what you would really regret having not done 20 years from now and doing your best to make the most of that.
-Where do you see your shop in a year?
I can't even say... it's been one year since I opened this shop, and I could have never forseen it coming this far so quickly. The whole thing has already surpassed my dreams and expectations. I am hoping to branch out a little more with my prints... I have been looking into t-shirts and am currently trying to find a way to make that happen, so hopefully you'll see some wearable Mandipidy designs in the future.

Thank you Mandy for taking the timeout for this, you are a million!
Run on over to Mandipidy, you will not be disappointed.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!!

Over the past week I have been knee deep in Seussville.
Buggie's school is having a family reading night tonight for read across America.
Which today happens to be Dr. Seuss's birthday and the kindergarten classes each picked a Dr. Seuss book to decorate with.
So once I heard we got "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
I met up with my homie Brie, we have been friends since our babes were 3 months old and the kids have been in class together ever since they started school at 3, so working on a project together is just an excuse to hang.

Neither one of us had paper mached since, I do not know 10 maybe, so we had no clue if what we were about to do was going to work. After getting some water balloons, then each of us almost passing out from trying to blow they little suckers up, we got a bike pump and got all 18 blown in no time. Then paper mached half the balloons. Then we waited, a full 24 hrs to see if our little experiment would work...

And sure enough, it did.
Then I took some white spray paint and gave them a good coating...

Once they were dried, I got to painting them. Using the colors from the cover art, I made different stripes and color combos...

Now during this process I have learned it is not Seussie until you bust out the black outlining...
So with a trace of all the strips and a little shadowing, they were coming together.

For the baskets, I took white card stock, free handed a basket the size we needed. Then cut and traced that little guy 17 more times. And then painted them...

And as I stated about it was not Seussified until that black outline came into play...

Once All the baskets were dried, each kiddie got a basket. {PS I only missed spelled one of the kids names, haha.}

I picked up some white paper from Buggie's school and brought it home to get to work on the background. Which I free handed and painted...

It was not the exact cover, but there was no doubt what book it was...

Then Brie and I met up at school and got to hanging. Brie has what I call curiously strong man arms, so she armed the stapler.

I have to say after it was all up, it was exactly how I had envisioned it, Seusserific. And not going to lie, having teachers, staff, and other moms walk by and pay compliments was pretty good feeling!

These kids are a great group and I was proud to help them represent their class.
And they will all go places, up up up and away....

And thanks to this project I now have added Seussie, Seussified, and Seusserific to my vocabulary.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, hope I did you right!

Number one question on this post, "what did you use to hang the balloons?"
A hot glue gun, just around the edges and then held it up til it dried.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

embrace the Camera {Mar1 my love}

Buggie has always been emotional type of kiddie.
But as of late it seems to be in full force.
Not sure if its because she is turning 6 in two months, but lately she has been saying things like "Momma I liked it when I was little."
"Momma I NEVER want to leave you, never ever."
Then after asking her why, she will say "I was cute and little."
We keep reassuring her, that getting bigger is super fun.
Like when she and Mommy get to go get froyo on a random week night...

And that no matter how big is gets, she will ALWAYS be my little baby girl. And I will always be there for her, to love, to nourish, and to have a good snuggle with.

Oh my sweet Buggie...