Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom in the shot Mar 30th {self shot}

Momma got a new shirt.
It came to live with me from Target.
It was a mere $14.99
Zipper up the back makes it cheeky.
Purple just happens to be my favorite color.

So I ask, what's not to love?

You know the drill.
I link with Em.

Ending with a Happy Birthday shout out to Lindsay from Paint Me a Picture.
Can not wait to have a birthday drink with you next week!
Shenanigans will ensue, this is for sure.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sponsor Swag Day. {Mar 30th}

First off let me thank my sponsors this month. I have enjoyed having them hang with us and hope you have too.
If you would be interested in sponsoring Bug & Bean next month please email me at {I am cheap, haha}

I wanted to just say a special note about Emily from The Anderson Crew. If you do not follow her {and not be pushy or anything but YOU SHOULD} you may not know that this past weekend her daughter came home from Ethiopia. I remember it clear as day, it was almost a year ago this summer her sitting at my kitchen table telling me they were in the process of adopting. And to come full circle and see her FINALLY home is amazing.
Welcome home Elsa.

Now lets get to the swag baby.

Pom Flair is a one stop shop to add a little punch of color to your event. Pom Flair carries every color under the sun to create the perfect party decor toppers.
And she does custom orders, just wait until you see what I have for Buggie's b-day from her!

Winner will receive 5 poms in their choice of colors.
Pom Flair can be found on FB.

I love quirky, unique, and different. And Poorly Drawn Things are all three rolled into one. There is a true artistic value to the work at Poorly Drawn Things. Guarantee you will not find anything like it anywhere.

Poorly Drawn Things is giving away the mermaid brooch and shirt above, HOLLA.


The Jewelry Sheller {love that name} is full of one of kind pieces of jewelry. Her work
is full of whimsy and charm. I am sure you will find many pieces that could find a good home with you. Emily also has a good heart, check out the bracelet she has for sale, ALL proceeds go to Japan Relief.

Lucky ducky winner will snag these earrings from The Jewelry Sheller.
Check out The Jewelry Sheller's other shop on Artfire.
And Emily blogs here.

Delightfully Noted is a shop right up my alley. Full of bright and cheery designs that make me reach out and hug someone {thanks Joy for that line}. Everything is just so happy looking. Me loves a lot.

Winner will get $20 buck-a-roos to spend at Delightfully Noted!
Delightfully Noted can be found on FB.

Leonora of Yellow Heart Art is a rock star. I know I am bias because we are friends, but for real ROCK STAR STATUS. I can {and have} just emailed her a idea for a print I want and she just makes it, like that. Her art is different and full of FUN.

Winner gets the print above, you know you want it...
Yellow Heart Art is has a new blog {she has FREEBIES}.

What little gal or guy would love a custom shirt? I know I would. Bethany from Purple Banner Designs is full of pretties that will make your kiddo look one of a kind. Check out all her adorable goodies she offers from minky blankies to teddy bears.
Bethany is giving the winner of this swag day a custom shirt of their choice!
Check out Bethany on her personal blog Life is All About the Small Things.

Kori at Paper and Pigtails is my go to. My go to for all things paper for parties. She is SO easy to work with and makes the whole creative process super fun.

Winner gets a choice of any party circle and invites in shop {no custom work}.

And lastly my shop Come and Knock. What can I say its the best place on earth. I kid. But it is a pretty cool place.

Winner gets $25 dolla dolla bills to spend in my shop.
Oh but wait.
I wanted to add a little extra something. I can not believe I am "that" close to 700 peeps and I wanted to celebrate.
Who doesn't like Target and Starbucks?
How about some mucho dinero to them both?!

$15 to Target and $10 to Starbucks, why because I love you.

One person, thats right ONE lucky person wins it all.

Just drop a line below, say whatever is on your mind. will do its magic tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A break and new winner.

Lets just say the first winner chosen for Paint Me a Picture giveaway, snoozes and looses.
So I put Mr. Random back to work this morning and he has chosen comment number 15
Hit me up at

Taking today off...
Come back tomorrow!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wedding Away

We traveled this weekend to Valdosta, GA.
My little cousin was getting married.

To say the planation where they choose to exchange vows was picturesque is a HUGE understatement.

I took this picture of the alter at the rehearsal dinner . And after it popped up on my phone, I was in awe of the heart shape lined out by the trees and moss.

Getting ready. She looked stunning and was so clam.

The back of the house. I want to live there, BIG TIME.

I had given her these little charms. Perfect addition to the rustic feel of the wedding.

Bean rocked a bowtie. Um, cuteness factor was OFF THE CHAIN.

My Uncle walking his baby girl down the aisle.

The Mr. & Mrs.

The only picture I got of both my kids together...

My Dad showed Bean the finer points of hanging a spoon on your nose.

Buggie got in some much needed crazy cousin time.

Now I need to recoup from our mini vacay, crazy how that happens.
Might not see me tomorrow but make sure to come back on Wednesday for....

And the fact that I am 4 peeps sigh from 700 has not been overlooked.
Thank you to all of you who follow the ramblings of this Momma.
I am adding a little something extra to the giveaway day, check it before you wreck it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Signs of Spring

Spring is in full swing and so are my allergies.

Here is the recipe for my favorite spring/summer side.
Dill Tomato & Cucumber salad.
What you will need:
- 2 cucumbers
- pint of cherry tomatoes
- greek yogurt {sour cream will do too}
- dry dill weed
- rice wine vinegar
- salt and pepper

First peel and cut your cukes and half the tomatoes.
Then in a bowl add about a tbsp of yogurt.

Add 2 to 3 capfuls of rice wine vinegar {I do three but I love vinegar}. Add a tsp and a half of dill weed {crush it in you palm first}. Stir. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Serve cold. So refreshing...

Bug had her spring bonnet parade yesterday at school. Her classrooms theme was sunflowers...

Happy spring.
{in the words of my cousin who lives in MA,
"at least you have grass and flowers to make you sneeze", tru dat tru dat}

Happy weekend peeps!


Oh one more thing, I LOVED this post, you will too.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mom in the shot Mar 24th {Skinny Fat, did she do it?!}

Lets mark the past 6 weeks as a MAJOR FAIL.
When I proclaimed it to the world that I was skinny fat and gave myself 6 weeks to do something about it, I did not see it ending this way.

Feb 17th Mar 24th

Feb 17th Mar 24th

I can totally throw out the fact that Girl Scout cookies fall into this 6 week period, but to blame the those innocent children would be wrong.

I bought a DVD, new sneakers, and got my husband into it. But did I follow up, NO. Life is full of triumphs and failures. I am trying not to be hard on myself about this. And looking at the next 6 weeks as my redemption time. I can do it. I know I can.

I leave you frustrated, annoyed, and any other adjective you can think of about this.
But still hopeful.

See you back in 6 weeks.

Random side note I am hosting a giveaway for store credit over on my GF Lindsay's blog