Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas Cork Board Card Holders

This past Thursday I had the privilege of attending The Meet and Make hosted by the ridiculously cute Sarah Hearts. 
And upon our arrival we were given swag bags and among they adorable items was some Christmas wrapping paper from HelloHeyYo

I immediately thought there was no way I was going to be able to cut it up, tape it, then sit back and watch someone tear it up and throw it to the ground.
Yes, I was that in love.
To set my heart palpations at ease, I came up with a little DIY ensure future use and viewing pleasure of the paper.

Ok side note:
When I started this I thought the tacky spray would be a good call, which much to my frustration it was not.  Do just pretend that is not even in the photo below.

Get you some awesome HelloHeyYo paper
Cork boards, I got a 4 pack from Target.
Mod Podge and foam brush
And a coordinating spray paint.

First thing I did was lay the boards on the paper to figure out the best layout.  Then traced them on the paper and trimmed.

The paper was going to be a little short so I spray painted the edges gold when I sprayed the other to boards.

Take a good amount of mod podge to the boards.  Then lay paper down and mod podge the tops.

Dry and hang with some 3m strips.
As you can see in the photo below, my top left one got some serious creasing.  This is the one I used the spray adhesive on. Insert my frustration. 

These boards are our new card holders.  
Just a little straight pin action to hold them in place.

The paper is seriously amazing.
And Rebecca has so generously offered a $5 off a $25 purchase.
And you have til Dec 13 for a Christmas delivery time.

PS:  This is totally not just a Christmas project.

Before I go, here is our fam bam card for this year.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Swags Out of the Bag {The Crafty Social: Fall 2013}

This past weekend we gathered, we took photo booth photos, we created, and we made friends.
The Crafty Social was such an amazing experience from start to finish for Sara and myself.
It's safe to say that we were taken aback by all the vendors who said yes to donating to our swag bags.
Being our first event and so close to the holidays were didn't know how it would go, but wow people were so very generous.  
This post is photo and link heavy but is worth it in the end, just think of it as a holiday shopping guide.

Kori at Paper and Pigtails, yes you have seen her name umpteen times on this blog, what can I say I kinda REALLY heart her something fierce, sent us 5x7 copies of her amazing watercolor prints. 

Need a great gift for your girlfriends or teachers maybe, Piper Polish would be perfect!
These glittery polishes add the perfect amount of sparkle to your hands.

 Its safe to say I LOVE everything Ashley Brooke Designs comes out with.  Her items are the prefect mix of sass and girlie.  So when we were told that she was donating her mugs, and said mugs came with our favorite sayin, um we were SUPER STOKED.

Chrissie Grace Art sent us a beautiful 8x10 piece of art work.  I love Chrissie's use of different textiles in her art and vibrant colors.  A great place for unique gifts for sure.

 I loved the tiny charms Houndstooth and Nail sent for each of the attendees.  The shop is filled with beautiful pieces. I want to add a few things to my Christmas List.

I loved that we got such a mix of products.  And the hair was not left out with Shimoshi Hair Fragrance, the perfect way to give your day three no wash hair a little spritz of freshness, come on we have all been there.  And some hair bling by the uber talented Sunshine and Carousels, I mean serious talk people check out her beautiful creations, from everyday to wedding day Erin has you covered.

I keep seeing Kidecals popping up in my social media circle, and I have been smitten.  It was so amazing of them to join in on our swag and send us keyboard decals.  They are SO cute, I know a few people that will be getting some VERY soon.

Not going to lie, it pays to have amazingly talented friends to call on.  Lindsay from Pen and Paint is one of them.  She came through like I knew she would, sending 10 mini notecard packs, 5 of each of the design shown.  The perfect little topper for a gift.  And add the Twine from The Twinery and your packages will be pop!

The ladies over at Bleue Boutique were so sweet and donated these beautiful studs.  Check out Bleue, its the best way to shop, flash sales every thursday night.

And last but not least we needed something to house all these goodies and Culture Flock Clothing sent over the perfectly perfect crafty themed totes. 

Not pictured unfortunately, adorable mini holiday bunting from  Everyday Party Mag.

Like I said at the tip top of this post, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of these vendors. 
So please visit them, shop and spread the love.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Family Costume

So its that time of the year again, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.
Which means Fam Bam Halloween costume time, here is last years.
After a family vote, Wreck It Ralph won out.
And since it is one of Disney's lowest grossing movies of all time, there pretty much isn't anything out there for costumes, which meant A LOT of homemade.

Felix was the easiest.
After a friends suggestion, I snagged these patches on this Etsy shop.
Amazon came through with some cheap leather gloves and blue hat.
And he was done.

It was kinda up in the air which character I was going to be.
But for some reason EVERYONE agreed Momma should be the "mean girl" Taffyta Muttonfudge.
Not sure if I should be insulted by this or happy since she wears all pink.

But I set to work on Taffyta.
I got a pink ball cap at Michael's.
Cut the brim to shape it more like a helmet.
Attached some felt for the green brim and stem with leaf.

Lastly, since she has a sparkle to it, I glue beads around.
As for the rest, I took some white leggings from Target painted strips on them with fabric paint.
Got a hot pink satin jacket off American Apparel and took a men xl Hanes tank top and dyed it pink.

For Ralph, I grabbed a clearance orange vneck shirt, added a little green fabric at the neck and a few buttons.

Then with painters tape, I taped off sections for plaid and used a red fabric marker.

As I mention before Wreck It stuff is hard to come by.  When I went to find Ralph hands, it was looking like they would set us back an easy $60!!! So since that was not about to happen, I got Hulk hands for $13 and a can of spray paint. This idea was brilliant in my head, but lets just say by the end of the night Ralph had SLOWING turned into the hulk with chucks of spray paint being left in a travel behind us.

Vanellope took a bit of work just to find the things needed.
But I was able to get a hoodie at Target in just the right color.
And then added some pink rope I found at Joannes.
The leggings, I just taped off the strips and painted with fabric paint.
The skirt was just brown fabric ironed into pleats and then sewn onto an existing skirt.

After all that work we were all set for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween.

I loved seeing the kids faces when someone would see us and say "They are Wreck It Ralph!!" It was worth all the work to go into it.

It was the perfectly magical family night we needed.
Talks have already started for next years.
I love this tradition.

And on a funny side note:
I thought I would get a white bob for my costume.
After a trip to Walmart {I hadn't been in 9 years when I witnessed a fist fight in the cat food/toy/toilet paper aisle}
Lets just say the packaging did not match the product,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Crafty Social Ticket Giveaway

You guys. Big things have been happening behind the scenes for The Crafty Social. The big night is a little over a month away and we are so excited to continue to share more behind the scenes with you.

We have partnered with some great companies for the event. Our swag bags alone are valued over $90... each. We will have some really great desserts donated by local vendors. It will be very Yum Yum-my... if you get my drift. WINK

We have also brought some amazing local ladies on board to help with the event. Jelli of Peplum Events is helping with some event decor and Sarah of Sarah Hearts will be teaching one of our DIY's.

Saturday November 16th from 7-10pm at Downtown Credo. Locals! Be there or be square. The first part of the night (7-8:30) will be a free mixer. Come hang out, eat some desserts and get to know other local ladies. Then grab a ticket and stay until 10pm to get one of those amazing swag bags, be entered into a fab door prize and learn to DIY. We are providing all supplies and instruction so all skill level crafters are welcome!

Oh yeah- the giveaway...
One lucky winner will get a ticket, the swag bag and all the DIY goodness for free! Enter below and good luck!

*disclousure: giveaway participates must be local to the orlando area OR able to provide their own transportation*

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Crafting Social {Orlando}

About 2.5 years ago, Sara and I took our internet friendship into the real world.
It was never awkward, it was just good.
So we both know the internet is real and filled with opportunities for people to get together in real life.
Since then we have both had this little nugget of an idea sitting in the corner of our minds.
We have both had our reasons for not poking that idea around over that time, would people want to come, schedules, having a baby, you know stuff.
But recently we both decided to throw caution to the wind, grabbed the biggest stick we had and poked that nugget right in the belly and we are super excited to present The Crafty Social {Orlando}.

We are inviting our Central Florida peeps to come for a night of mingling and crafting.
There will be an open house style mixer for 1.5 hrs followed by a paid seat crafting session.
The crafting session, for ALL levels of crafter, will include two DIY crafts, with one craft being presented by the UBER talented Sarah Hearts {people she has been featured in Better Homes and Garden}, and a swag bag that as it is right now is valued at around $90!!! 
You read that right, $90 swag people, now that crazy.

So hop on over to The Crafty Social {Orlando}
check it out and buy a ticket before the limited seats are gone!!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Skull Cake Stand

Been a minute since I have blogged.
But did a little Halloween craft on the cheap the other day and thought I would share.

What you need:
Plastic plate from Target for $1.99
Glitter skulls from Michael's $1.99 for a package {I used my 40% off coupon to make them even cheaper} X2
A candle holder, I had one on hand.
Some gorilla glue
Hot glue gun

First thing first, gorilla glue the plate and stand together, add something heavy to the top and let sit till dry.

Then with a hot glue gun get to adding some skulls around the edge.

And thats it.  
Doesn't get easier then that I say.