Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pro meal planning.

Meal planning it essential on many levels for me.
Lets break it down the top three, shall we.

{this weeks meals}

1. Save dolla dolla bills - Sundays is my normal shopping day. When its time to make my grocery list, I start with our meals for the week. Then I make my list. This ensures, that I will not over buy and can over lap ingredients if I can. And one trip a week is much cheaper then going several times a week for meals.
2. Get our health on - When meal planning its much easier to include fresh veggies and try healthier recipes. And avoid boxed processed foods, like Tuesday Turkey Sloppy Joes, those bad boys are from scratch. Plan on seeing them here Wednesday.
3. Keep my sanity - Like I said above, Sunday is our normal food shopping day. Which means ONE day a week I need to ask myself "what's it going to be for dinner?" and it also gives the family the opportunity to make requests. Every morning I take out anything that may need defrosting and thats it. No standing in front of the pantry at 4:30 pm frantically trying to figure out what to make.

Did I sell you on meal planning?!
Will some free pretty printables help seal the deal?!
Check these out.

Ok now get to meal planner people, its for the better!

Friday, January 27, 2012

thoughts on the future.

I have been thinking a lot this week about being a Mom and the heavy burden that lays on my heart.
It's a job I do not take lightly.

Each day, I set out to love, care, teach, and raise them to be the grown people I know they can be.

Loving, creative, caring, nurturing, responsible, and about 543,689 other adjectives to describe the most perfect citizen.

But this week I am realizing some things.
I can lead them to the path, but it is truly their decision, which way to turn.

This is not an easy pill to swallow. The thought of them making a wrong decision sets my heart in a tail spin.
But it happens, BELIEVE me it happens.
You can lead and lead, but that one moment when they choose not to follow, can send your world crashing down.

I know, I am being a bit dramatic with my thoughts of the future, I mean they are 5 and 2.
But when you see other mothers, mother you know did it, they lead and lead, and then one step down that dark shadowed path altered their future for the worst, just makes me think and think hard.

But how do I know I am doing it?
That is working?
That their lives will be fulfilling and fruitful?
So many questions that will be answered over time.

I need to stop wishing for a crystal ball, cause it takes me out of the current.
I need to focus, on what they are today, and the future will be always be there, waiting.
But these moments will be gone for ever.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mom in the Shot {Jan 26th To Infinity and Beyond}

How do you know you married your soulmate?
Is it the way he looks lovingly at you from across the dinner room table as your son dumps his bowl of pasta on the floor?
Is it when you go to snuggle up with him in the middle of the night to find a kid has pulled a sneak attack and is currently acting as the Great Wall of China in your bed?
Or maybe its when settle down with your little fam bam to watch a movie and 20 minutes in, its just the two of you on the couch sharing a bowl of popcorn watching Rio for 543rd time, while your kids have abandoned you for better offerings in the playroom?
For me, its when stuff like this happens...

Yes, as the kiddlets played safely in the tub, we modeled and posed in Bean's Buzz towel.
What you don't stretch the neck out in your sons towel, strike a pose and stare randomly up and to the left, then take photos?
Well we do and when it happens, its magic.
Soulmate magic.

In other Pixar related news, I totally made this for Bean the other day...

I had seen it on Pinterest and have been wanting to make it.
*Poof* I made it.

*Disclaimer: I was by no means paid by Pixar for this post, but in related news they can so pay if they are feeling so generous.*

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Spoonful of Sugar Valentines {DIY}

Remember that super sweet picture I took of Buggie the other day?
While here is what I ended up using them for...

I did this DIY, where I personalized spoons, a while back. But this time I decided to paint the spoons for a little added flare.

- spoons {dollar store has 2 for $1}
- wire
- wire cutters
- letter beads
- spray paint

Once the dollar store spoons were painted, we got to wrapping.

Buggie had a good time helping me spelling out all her friends names in her class.
Starting at the bottom of the spoon on the back, fold a little wire up, and wrap a few times.
Then start adding beads, wrapping a few times in between each letter.
To end wrap several times then tuck the wire through the back.

Add a little Kiss to the spoon with some double sided tape, for that little bit of sugar.

I am OVER THE MOON with how they turned out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Day Chair Pockets {DIY}

I love a DIY project that I have EVERYTHING I need on hand.
Can you imagine, something you do not need to get dressed and drag your kids to Joann's, to get one single thing for?
EEP, that happened to me!
Here is my SUPER easy Valentine's Day Chair Pockets.

What I used:
- Felt cut 8 in. wide x 21 in. long
- Twine or embroidery floss {I use Twinery Twine}
- embroidery needle
- embellishments {this part is totally up to you}
- ribbon, long enough for two straps to tie on the chair backs.
- fabric glue

First thing I did was draw out the kids names and cut them out.

Then I folded the felt with a 2 1/2 in flap.

Then I decorated the flips with a trim and their names.

This part I did backwards, but I would suggest sewing the ribbon on BEFORE you stitch the side of the pocket together.

Then I did a blanket stitch up the sides with the twine. Click on my post here to learn this SUPER easy stitch.

Then after adding some embellishments,
my kiddlets had their own Valentine's Day Chair Pockets!

For Nolan's robot, I just cut up felt.

And for Avery's I had a flower from Ikea laying around that needed a home.

So there it is, a SUPER easy little DIY.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mom in the Shot {Jan 19th I am a Mom, always learning and adapting}

When I started writing this post it started out humorous.
All about me embarrassing my kids with public displays of affection and how I will try to make them do this forever and ever.
But then my mind got serious looking at this image.

Tears weld up and flowed all over my keyboard.
Wasn't sure why at first.
But then I realized what was going on.
I was afraid.
I was afraid that my own guilt about things might bring insecurities of their own.
That my wanting them to stay forever my little babies might bring moments of doubt of who they are or should be.
That loving on them as fiercely as I do, could make them dependent on me and not the independent thinkers I know they should be.
And most of all that my dreams for them will cloud their own.

I know these feelings may dissipate and just be replaced with new mommyhood insecurities.
Or they may always be there.
Learning the best thing I can do when these moments happen, is to take deep breathes and let the tears come.
Because when I suppress them, the my world gets smaller and my emotions become more intense, creating a claustrophobic effect in my chest = no bueno.

Another thing that helps is blogging these feelings and hearing from you all, that I am not alone.
So, now I ask, any mommyhood insecurities you want to get off your chest?
Please share.

As always linking up with Em.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We play with our food.

Just wanted to share two lunch plates I made the kids this past week...

Not much of a post today, just wanted to share.

Oh one more thing before I go.
My sweet friend Jess made Buggie this adorable owl hat...

Check out My Charming Colors for more!

Ok peace out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When good things just happen...

Sunday Buggie and I found ourselves outside enjoying the gorgeous day.
Pre usual sidewalk chalk was out and I started doodling.
When I had drawn a few hearts, something came to me.
I could take a picture of Buggie for her Valentines Day card for school!
Then after a little brainstorming, we go this shot...

Later I came in downloaded it to my computer, added some text, and then sent it back to my phone.
Where I opened up Postal Pix, click a button and ordered 20 prints, for $7 bucks after shipping!

I can not wait to get the little 4x4 prints and work up a little DIY to go with them.
Look for it, cause you know I will HAVE to blog it!
Oh hey did you notice new social buttons have been added to my sidebar -->
You can run but you can not hide, cause now I am everywhere, HA!
Join in some fun...

Monday, January 16, 2012

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