Friday, April 30, 2010

Questions answered.

I thought I could just do one post to answer some recent questions on Buggie's Rainbow Party.

Ok first here is a list of all the shops I used:
- As you probably know all the labels and tags came from The TomKat Studio's Rainbow collection.
- Her party dress came from Vintage Lucy's
- I purchased the rainbow ring crayons from Lil Boo & Co.
- The buckets I used for the cake stand and holders, came from Ikea {in the outdoor section .99 and they came in all different sizes}. I have a tutorial for these coming soon.
- Clothes pin cake topper came from Wee Cute Treasures {unfortunately she is currently not open}
- Lastly the coloring sheet was created by my uncle. He is a graphic artist {who does animation} so it was quick and easy for him. I might see if he would be open to creating these on the side, you never know!
- Oops almost forgot crown, True Love Found, hehe.

The most asked first, the Oreos.
I just used Wilton's melting candy. Bought it in the colors I needed, dunked them and then sprinkled the tops with matching colored sprinkles. Decadent, yes. Over the top, yes. Heaven in you mouth, YES!

As far as the pom poms I used the standard tissue paper from Party City, not sure on the measurements, but there is 8 sheets per bag. And they take a bit to work on to get the desired fluffiness out of them.

I think that covers it. But if I forgot one please just leave a comment and I will update this post.

Oh and thanks to all of you who went through my family photos! I have BIG decision to make and appreciate all your input, it truly helped. And for those of you who asked the song is You & Me by Frances England. Let's just say I ran to itunes and bought the whole album. My favorite right now is Sleepy Head Mommy, classic!

- Forgot the rainbow sugar cookies. They came from Lori's Place. Worked out for me
that she was local and I was able to pick up these YUMMO cookies!

-Rainbow ballon sculptor came from the face painter I had. She asked me if she could make
a pre made sculptor for the party and she showed up with this. She said it
was the first one she made, so darn cute!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

True Love Found Facebook fan?

Holding a giveaway today over on the old Facebook page go check it out!

What girl doesn't love a GOOD sale?!

Have you heard of HauteLook?
Well I just learned about it today.
And let me just tell you I am LOVING it!

Click here to go visit.

Oh and they give you store credit if the people you refer make a purchase!
Normally a $10 credit but now until May 6th it is a $20 credit per person!!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The TomKat Studio Giveaway {April 28 thru May 4}

To be able to work with Kim at The TomKat Studio is such a pleasure. She has a fresh vision for all things party. Kim's style is clean, classic and yet uniquely hers. The work she did for Buggie's party helped me put all on the finishing touches on her table. Kim's easy to use PDF's give you the flexibility use just the right amount.

Kim has a large assortment of party lines in her shop and with much more to come!

Yum, ice cream!
Ok are you ready for this giveaway?
Kim is offering one lucky reader a $30 store credit!!!!

Here is how to enter:
- You MUST be a follower of my blog.
- Become a follower of The TomKat Studio Blog.
- Become a FB and/or Twitter fan of TomKat Studio.
- Let us know what you would use your store credit on at The TomKat Studio.

Giveaway open until midnight Eastern time on May 4th.
Winner will be choosen via on May 5th.

Please tell me how I am going to choose?!

I received the much anticipated email from our photographer this morning.
I am not just being bias but I have to say I think I could buy every shot!

Maybe if you have a sec to check them out you could help me and let me know your favorite?

{The gallery will only be up for 5 days}

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its official I am the Mommy of a 4 year old!

This was my very first dessert table. I was very happy with how it turned out. There are a few things I will do different next time, make sure table cloth is ironed, the table is the right size, and location is better for pictures {the back lighting was not good}.

But I have a feeling I will soon have my chance at another table! Oh and 6 months until I get to work on Bean's party. Do you think it is weird I already know what the theme is going to be?! Think paper and lots of it!

{images are courtesy of my Uncle and friend Jenni, thank you both!}

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Kim from TomKat Studios for coming up with all the labeling for my table {stay tuned for a giveaway from TomKat!}
If you have any questions about my table please ask away.

I would love to share Buggies party. If you would like to blog about it please feel free, I would just ask that you let me know so that I can give you a proper thanks!

Monday, April 26, 2010


It's been a loooong weekend.
Saturday we had Buggie's party.
Yesterday we drove over to Disney.
Last night went to Epcot for dinner.
Stayed the night at Animal Kingdom Lodge.
This morning got up and went to Magic Kingdom to have breakfast with the princesses
at Cinderella's castle.
We just got home.
I am exhausted and to think her birthday it not even until TOMORROW!

More party pictures to come, we had a blast!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We have the fever...{& mid week mini winner}

playoff fever that is!
Let's go Magic!
boom boom boom boom boom!
Let's go Magic!

{Bean's eyebrows crack me up in this one!}

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Thanks for all who enter my Mid Week Mini Giveaway for Amy Butler's Sew-It Kit {maybe she will make me something?!}. It was fun seeing what everyone would choose. But only one winner today and that was comment 18 {via} Congrats Rhiannon! Please email your addy to

Fight Club {best name for this cause!}

Tiffany has been super BUSY organizing something that is VERY close to her heart. She is a co-captain for Fight Club a March of Dimes team. Their Walk is Saturday the 24th. They've been fundraising and spreading awareness about prematurity!!! Their team has actually become sort of local celebrities!

Here is a little video about why she is a supporter the March of Dimes.

Her daughter, Tessa, was born when she was 25 weeks pregnant....she weighed 1lb 15oz....

If you would like to support March of Dimes and Tiffany's team, click here.

Happy Mothers Day Earth

Happy Earth Day!
These are just a VERY few of the Earth friendly products from three of my favorite sites for
recycled and sustainable items.
The three R's
{click on image for product details}

Just ordered the egg poachers for my step Mommy, Happy Mothers day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mid Week Mini Giveaway...

Up for grabs today, Amy Butler's Sew-It Kit.

"Celebrated designer Amy Butler brings her fresh, modern style to the timeless craft of sewing in the The Sew-It Kit. Inside you will find FIFTEEN project cards, a fully illustrated booklet containing easy-to-follow instructions, pattern sheets, plus thread and fabric for making a Tissue Box Cover with Amy fabric."

- Floor Cushions
- Kitty Tunnel
- Placemat & Napkins
- Short Pleated Apron
- Square Pot Holder
- Sleeping Mask
- Oversized Laundry Bag
- Decorative Hanging Towels
- Document Duvets
- Simple Leather-Handled Shoulder Bag
- Reversible Tissue Box Cover
- Market Tote
- Scrap Wool Pincushion
- Decorative Flower Vase Cover
- Recycled Wool Blanket Pillow Cover

What would you have a nanny, personal, chief, cleaning lady, driver or personal assistant?
Just leave your answer to enter {one per person please}.

Winner chosen tomorrow.

Incase you are wondering, personal assistant for me!

{I should note this is giveaway is not affiliated with Amy Butler, this was a personal purchase made strictly for a giveaway for you!}

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SO busy... {Sweet Prints Winner}

Birthday party week is in full swing. And of course I have MAJOR allergies going on this week. So with Murphy's Law I am feeling UBER run down. But I need to step up and get things done.
Yesterday was raining and when I finally got home from a full day of running errands Hubby had to come help me with getting the kiddos out of the car in the rain.

Again Murphy's Law, no umbrella was in sight. So he grabbed the beach umbrella. And this evoked a full round of belly laughs from all of us. He said it was so great he was thinking of keeping it his car. This made me laugh even more, picturing him walking through the parking lot at work with the BIG rainbow colored beach umbrella.

And the winner of Sweet Prints giveaway is YOU.

Off to work on TLF crown orders, party stuff, clean the house, go grocery shopping, feed the baby, change the baby, get Buggie from school, and whatever else I can squeeze into my day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Above the bond.

I was worried when he came.
Not just the newborn worries but deeper worries.
On the ride home from the hospital, I cried.
You know the UGLY kind.

I was worried that I was not going to bond with my little boy.
See when Buggie was born, I was drawn to her.
I needed her, I did not want to be without her for one second.

Bean was different. He was loved but the need was not that deep.
It makes me tear up writing that.
Would time make that need deepen?

{oh he is SO stinkin cute, shirt from Little Pinwheel}

Time has passed {6 mnths soon!}. And my little boy holds my heart tight.
I have come to realize that love comes in so many varieties. My love for my daughter is and will always be different then my love of my son. But thats ok. They are different, so the love for them will also be. I love them for so many reasons, a lot the same but a lot not.

{she did not want her picture taken, but I just had to capture her accessories}

All I can do everyday is tell them HOW much I love them. Encourage their uniqueness, differences, and NOT compare.
I am not perfect but I am trying to make sure I do not mess this up.
Its has to be one of the most important jobs I have as their Mommy.
And that is a job I do not take lightly.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TomKat Studio {True Love Found Giveaway}

Blogging has been fulfilling in so many more ways then I ever imagined possible. One of those for me has been being inspired by SO many talented woman. Kim over at TomKat Studios is a treasure trove of creativeness. I have had the pleasure of working with her a few times now. Most recently it was making a crown for her daughters 3rd birthday party. Kate's party was a garden fairy themed extravaganza!

Kim's dessert table is one I have been looking at a lot while planning Buggies, I mean how could I not. IT WAS SIMPLY ADORABLE!

The colors Kim choose were so girlie and fresh, I just loved them.

Here was Kate's crown, I am bias but I think it was pretty darn cute...

If you do not follow Kim, jump on over at TomKat Studio Blog now! I am currently hosting a giveaway of a crown of choice to one lucky winner, plus the other shops that contributed to Kate's party are hosting giveaways...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ticket Roll Bowl {Tutorial}

Ticket Roll Bowl
{wow say that 5 times fast, hehe}

I have been making these for some years now. They make the perfect vessel to give gifts in. I have given these as b-day gifts, wedding, engagements, and so on. I love filling them with bags of popcorn, gift cards to movies, DVD's, Best Buy gift cards and so much more. Buggie's school is having a silent auction for Haiti relief and her classrooms theme is entertainment. So I am giving this for thier basket along with a gift card.

What you will need:
- A roll of tickets {the diameter of the roll used will determine the size of the bowl}
- A sheet of cork
- Mod Podge {the hard coat works the best}
- Crystal clear acrylic spray
- A sponge brush
- Scissors

First you need to trace the circle from the roll onto the sheet of cork.

Next cut out the circle. It is best to cut a little outside the circle and then trim as needed.

Then pop that little sucker in the center of the roll.

Now you will need to shape your bowl. Make sure as you push from the center and up to create the bowl that the roll of tickets is right side up {you do not want your "admit one" upside down}!

Once you have your bowl shaped up, you can check if it is level at this point. I usually eye ball it.

Then it is on to Mod Podging. I would do two coats, giving at least an hour in between coats for it to dry. Make sure to get into all the cracks and the cork good.

Once dry, take it outside to spray with the acrylic spray {make sure to do this in a WELL ventilated area}. I usually do a good two coatings, this dries fast so there is not a lot of wait time in between coats. I would leave it outside in the garage for over night at least after spraying.

Once done you can fill these little cuties with all kinds of snacks. Just make sure if you are giving as a gift to tell them to clean with a damp cloth.

Another great use for these would be for all those carnival/circus parties out there, hint hint Tiff :-)...