Monday, January 31, 2011

amye 123 winner

A round of congrats goes to....

The Kasten's email me pretty please.

Amy was feelin the love from everyone who entered, so who knows hopefully she will be back for another giveaway soon!

Friday, January 28, 2011

and now he looks like one.

after this morning's minion post,
my clever uncle made him one.

{yet another quote minion quote from Despicable Me}

He talks like a minion.

Have you seen Despicable Me?
We *heart* it.

Bean is a minion.

{coloring, the only thing that will keep him out of my hair while I cook}

He gabs A LOT but 99.999999% of the time we have no clue what he is telling us.
Enter minion resemblance.

{when you ask him to say "hi" he holds his hand up to his ear as if on a phone and say "hidad" all one word}

Among the crazy gibberish, you think hey did I just hear "whatsathat?" {again all one word}.

{those cheeks, no words}

He cracks me up and as you can see himself too.

Oh my little handsome minion.

Happy weekend.
Hoping for a date night with a little Ikea shopping throw in.
How about you?

Oh and I wish I could go to Dubiens house for a play date!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

mom in the shot Jan 27th {boogies in my mouth}

Just so you know if you come over and lay on the floor you will get attacked.

He is a sneak attacker.
Creeps up on you, then you will hear a "AAAAAHHHHAAAHHH!"
Then hugs and lots of them.

I got SO many salty boogs in my mouth in this picture.
Oh well, better then poop on a knuckle I always say.

Happy embracing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my amye 123 purchase gave me...

a bee-u-tee-ful frame for my little vintage printing press h's.

and it snazzied up a canvas print, my 11x14 print snapped right into this great green frame.

Hubs was even impressed, and I quote
"it really makes the green pop in his shirt in both pictures"

Amy said she is thinking of adding "pleasing hard to impress husbands since 2011." to her shop announcement.

Now have you entered for a chance to win you some amye 123 hot stuff?!
Click here.

So I totally suck.

Remember that super cute Christmas card I made?
I sure hope you all were not holding your breath for yours to arrive.
Cause you might be needing an ambulance right about now.

BUT you can expect a UBER sweet valentines day card from the Holgersens.

Sure hope this redeems me among the grandparents!
*side note* I suck at sending thank you notes too, much apologizes.

{this was my first purchase from tiny prints and the process was WONDERFUL, highly recommend and will be back}

Did you enter this weeks giveaway?
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Em's sprinkle.

When I started blogging I had no clue where, what, and who was going to happen with it.
Over a year later, I can say that life is much more fulling with blogging in it.

If I had never started blogging, my neighbor friend Kathryn might not have
said you should meet my friend Emily.

Then Emily would never have come to my house for a play date, where we chatted and
she told me that her family was in the process of adopting.

Which means I would never had the opportunity to open my home to celebrate
Elsa's anticipated homecoming.

{I totally stole this photo from Em's post, she still loves me}

Emily posted more of her sprinkle on her blog post today.

Sugar shower scrub DIY

Hosted a wonderful little "sprinkle" this weekend.
I always feel it is nice to have something for your guest to leave with,
just as a small thank you for their time.

sugar shower scrub
{which was not easy to say every time someone left and I handed them one}

what you will need:
- sugar {i used raw for more of a SCRUB but you can use granulated}
- oil {I had almond, coconut would work or avocado, you can read the bottle
most will tell you if they are good for massage oils}
- scent
- jars
{variation of the original recipe I found on prudent baby}

- Pour your sugar in a bowl. Then you want to gradually add the oil, stir after each time you add it. Until you get a nice coated consistency.

- Add the scent, I would do a little first and just like the oil add as you go to make sure it is not too strong.

- Add to your jars and finish off with a little extra flare.

These would make great valentines day gifts.
Want to see more of our fabulous day, click here.

I used a 32oz bag of sugar and was able to get 17 stage 2 baby food jars out of it
Oh and if you want a longer shelf life you will want to add a preservative.


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Monday, January 24, 2011

amye123 giveaway {jan 24- jan 30th}

You can thank me in the comments for this giveaway ;-)

During my search for fun eclectic thingies for my family photo wall, I came
across amye123.
Me lovey lovey lovey.

I made a purchase and you know me, I had to ask if she would
like to host a giveaway.
And as you can figure by the post she said "HECK NO",
I kid, she was SO game.

Here is a little somthin' about Amy {we both conquer Amy's rock}.
{excerpts, read full interview here}

Hello! My name is Amy of amye123. I live in Mauldin, SC with my 5 year old son, Harper. I love light, bright colors, front porches, daisies, old barns, paint on my hands and time with Harper.

Describe a "typical day"~
I'm not sure I've ever had a typical day. I am an awful grouch in the mornings. Harper usually wakes me with the "Good Morning Song". Then I stumble to the coffee maker and wonder why it hates me. (Everything seems so much more difficult in the morning.) Next, I make breakfast and Harper and I shake off our sleepy cobwebs. Harp and I usually spend our mornings together so my work day doesn't officially begin until after lunch when he takes a nap. I then check my convos, paint, take pictures, package... whatever is called for that day.

What do you want life to look like in a year~
In a year... I hope I'm happy. I hope Harper is happy and healthy. I hope my family is strong. I really hope I can hire an assistant because packaging tape is my mortal enemy. I would like to be be brave enough to introduce some of my illustrations. An awesome barn for a studio wouldn't suck. Other than that, life is pretty good and I don't want to be greedy with my wishes.

My package arrived yesterday, and it took every ounce of my patience not to tear
into it the minute it landed on my front porch.

I just now finished opening it, oh it was Christmas in January.
I plan on posting more this week with pictures of my wall.
But Amy's comment above about packaging tape CRACKED me up, since
my box had about enough to safely package my whole house up and ship to India in one piece.

Ok back to the giveaway.
Who wants to win a $50 store cred to amye123?!!

You have two ways to enter :
{pretty please leave TWO separate comments to make sure you get both chances.}

- Hippty hop over to amye123 and come back with your favorite items {good luck picking one}.
- Because I am still busting a gut about the shipping tape, what would you consider
your mortal enemy?!
{hands down mine is lizards, living in FL it is impossible to avoid them. they FREAK me out, ok I am skeeved now.}

Good luck bloggie friends.

Open until Jan 30th at midnight eastern time.
Winner choosen via

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mom in the shot Jan 20th {use your imagination}

Pretend I am about 5 feet closer to the camera and smiling.

{thats my beautiful cousin Ali closest to us.}

Chilaxin at my little cous's bachelorette party weekend.
Incase you were worried, I made it ALL night long.
Danced, danced, and danced some more.

I thanked my sweet cous for getting married so I could have a weekend
off, not selfish right?! Then looked at my sister and said come on already
I need another weekend!

Hop on over to Em's to see other Mommas embracing the camera.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We have a winner.

I am back.
Refreshed and reenergized.
My thighs hurts from busting my moves BUT it was sooo worth it.

Sorry for the delay on posting the winner of the Lamp Goods giveaway.

Drum roll please....

Jennifer please email me your address so you beautiful lamp can find its way home.

Back to life, back to reality.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Who said Christmas is the only holiday that should get a tree?

I have been spreading the Valentine's love around my house.
It makes me happy.

This was pretty straight forward.
-spray paint
-tree branches

I sprayed my pot red and branches white.
Add some yarn balls around the bottom.
Hot glued hearts to the branches.

As you are reading this I am headed out for a weekend away to celebrate my MUCH younger cousins bachelorette party. Earlier this week I found myself laying on the couch thinking, man I need to go to bed, I am exhausted. I looked up at the clock to see 8:03 staring back at me. How in the world is this old ass going to be able to hang with the hot little totties I am going to be with?! I am afraid I might end up sleeping in the limo waiting for them or even worst lay down
on some sticky vinyl VIP couch. I am tired just thinking about it.
Oh wait, wait, wait and get this.
I am breaking out like a 12 yr old.
So I will be the pimply chined old fart with the hot twenty year olds.

Happy weekend.
I will be back next week with the full report of mad dancing styles
{and I am totally not kidding I CAN dance. Those hot little totties might be able
to stay out past 7pm without crashing, but they can not bust a move like me!}

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mom in the shot Jan 12th {chuga chuga cutie}

All board.
Next train to cutesville leaving at 12 o'clock.

The hat stays on the whole time we are playing trains.
FREAKIN adorable.

Am I the only one in a blogging blah?!
Having a weekend away, no hubs and no kids. Maybe that will refresh the
old blogging juices, one can hope.

Did you enter yet to win this?! Ends tomorrow!

Yo, I play along with Em each week.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 2 {togetherness and metal}

I do not do new years resolutions.
But I will let you in on a little secret, I make promises to myself.
Promises that I can break and not feel the weight of the world on me for doing so.
One titty bitty one this year was to work on taking photos.
Listen I have NO plans of becoming a photogmom and go into business,
there is enough talented Mommas already doing that gig.
I just wanted to work on it for my own self gratification.

I joined a fun little photo challenge.
So each week I will be posting my entry.
This weeks theme was togetherness and/or metal.

Bean is a bath kid.
He loves it something fierce.
Here is a picture of him hamming it up in the metal cover in the tub.

Together with his tub, he is one happy little guy.


I processed this photo with Paint the Moon actions.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's Wreath {DIY}

Got my craft on this week.
And after a wee bit of a break, it felt oh so good.

Supplies I used:
-wire wreath {I used the largest they had, want to say it was 16in}
- yarn
- styrofoam ball of different sizes
-other embellishments {I used glitter hearts}
-hot glue gun

And start wrapping. And keep wrapping. And keep wrapping. Prefect project is you have some DVRed shows to catch up on.

To make some yarn puffs. Wrap yarn around your fingers. Lay on a piece of yarn, tie tight. Then snip the loops and shape into a puff ball. I used these to fill in holes.

For me it was easier to make as I went along and laid everything out as I went.

Glueing and going.

Finished product.


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