Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mom in the shot {Family Photos 2012}

A few weeks ago we had the honor of getting in front of Mrs Anderson's camera.
And if you have had family pictures done, you know the feeling of anticipation to see what you look like.
Hubs and got the CD yesterday, and we sat together and watched the slide show of our little fam bam.
Neither one of us could not be more ecstatic at what we saw...


As cray cray as my son was acting and the fact that we were dodging bird dropping every five seconds, Em was able to capture us being us.  And I can not thank her enough for it.
Now we have 150 images to decided what to print from, how will we ever decided?!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Mini Crepe Flowers

I am alive, just been doin me and not blogging much.
I want to get back into it, hoping Buggie birthday is the catalyst. 
So why not another little DIY to help me along?!

I needed some mini crepe flowers to go on Buggies party table, so here is my little tutorial for them.

What you need:
- crepe paper {you can you tissue paper or streamers}
- Paper doilies
- Sticks {you could use toothpicks}
- a little teardrop cut out as a template
- scissors
- hot glue

First cut four thin strips in the doily. 

Then hot glue them to one end and bend them in.

Using the paper template cut out little thumb nail shaped petals.  If using crepe paper gently pull them across the top, then hot glue them at the bottom and make little folded petals.

Then hot glue them around the doily center, layering as you go. Remember you are making flowers and  perfection is not needed...

They will make beautiful little bunches of flowers for her table...

I made larger versions to use as well, those are not on sticks.  And I just used a whole doily cut into strips. They will go great with the other large crepe flowers I have made.

Her super girlie party is coming together...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini Memory Book DIY

Right now I am hanging with my homegirls for a long girls weekend.
A tradition for these type of trips was started with my StepMomma.
See she is a giver and when she hosts girls weekend, she likes to leave what she calls "pillow prizes", as a type of swag for her peeps.

So for our trip we divided up the nights for each of us to share a little pillow lovin on each other.
I decided to create a little memory book, a place for us to write little notes of love, gut busting memories, and other hootenannies that will surely go down.

What I used to make these little diddies:
- a 5x7 cover printed on card stock {mine was done by my homegurl Leonora from Yellow Heart Art}
- a solid color 5x7 card stock
- 5x7 bifold cards
- paper bag
- embellishments
- twine
- buttons
- hot glue
- scrapbook glue
- sewing machine

 First thing I did was cut the bottom of the brown bag off, then sewed it shut.

Then I took two of the bifold cards and stitched them together up the fold. Creating a little book of four sheets {but do not fold yet!}

Before you fold the booklet, in the center use the scrap paper glue and glue in the paper bag on one of the center papers.

Then flip it over and glue the front cover on.

And before you glue the back on, glue a piece of twine between the sheets.

And for a little extra something I took little circle journal cards and added a few throughout the book.

And to finish it off, I took a button and added a little twine to make the cross to it and hot glued the button {only in the center} to the cover.

To make sure the twine will not fray I just cut out two hearts and glued them to the end.

I can't wait to leave this out and better yet fill them up with the memories we are sure to create!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

Its already that time of the year again for us, birthday party planning. 
Buggie is going to be 6, this month, 6 people.
She was just 3 when I started this blog, time is just slipping by.

So this year "we" could not decided on a theme, it went from Barbie to Spy Kids to Strawberry Shortcake with in a span of 15 minutes.  So to reign her in, I purposed that I just make it "super pretty". And she actually AGREED!

I had pinned these giant paper flowers, and knew I wanted to make them.  I adapted them to how I wanted to use them and make them.

Here is what I used:
- Crepe Paper {I bought this}
- A tear dropped shaped template, the one I made was 7 1/2 long and 4 1/2 at its widest point
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors
- A pencil 
- Floral tape

First thing I did was cut between 12 - 18 petals, I wanted the flowers to be different sizes {as noted in the tutorial I used to base my flowers off of, cut the paper on the vertical}
Then pulling slightly at the edges, bring the petals up like in a cupping movement.  Then take a pencil and curl the top out in the opposite direction you cupped it in.

Then to start roll on petal into itself and hot glue the bottom to create a center.

Then start layering. The biggest difference with what i did and the original tutorial was I did not use the heart shaped petals.  I found them to be too heavy and did not shape the way I wanted.

Just keep layering and gluing as you go to get the fullness of the flower.  Then to secure it a little floral tape around the bottom.

I would say you can get around three to four {depending how big you make the flowers} per roll of crepe paper.  I have BIG plans for the flowers once they are all made.  

Super excited to see it all come together.
Stay tuned for more!

In other party related news, Bean's Paper Airplane First Birthday was featured in a local magazine!!! It was super cool for Playground to find it worthy and feature it!

And another fun little announcement! I was beyond honor to have a picture of Bug and Bean picked to be part of the Le Papire Studio's Spring Collection!  Check it out here.