Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's for Dinner Wednesday {Well really Easter brunch}.

Mimosa Ham
My step mommy has a super easy and oh so flavorful recipe for ham that we always have on Easter Sunday.

What you need:
- An already cooked smoked ham, not honey {size depending on your number of guests}
- A bottle of OJ, Simply Orange is the best
- One bottle of inexpensive champagne for the ham
- One bottle champagne, the good stuff for the cook {this ingredient is optional but recommended by my step mommy}

Preheat your oven at 325.
Place the ham in a baking pan.
Score the top of the ham.
Pour equal parts OJ and champagne over the ham, enough to cover the bottom quarter of the ham.
Cook for 3 hours, basting periodically.

Slice and serve with your favorite Easter sides.

{this is my bottle for the cook, yummo}

With good intentions...

we ventured to our neighborhood park today.
It is about a 3 block walk.

Buggie was on her scooter.
Jellybean in the stoller.
And we were off.

It was beautiful, we slid, climbed, monkey barred, and all those fun playground activities.
After about an hour it started...

to go down hill.

The crying started with Jellybean.
Then with Buggie.
As one wanted to go, the other wanted to stay.

So with my two crying kids we headed home.
Me holding Jellybean, Buggie in the stroller and the scooter hanging off the back.

Granted it was a 3 block walk, and these are not city blocks, I think EVERY single
neighbor was out as I struggled altering hands holding me crying 5 month old while pushing my
crying 4 year old. All the while getting nailed in the shin with the scooter.

I am pooped.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eggtastic Idea from Crap I've Made...

Not sure if you follow Crap I've Made, but you NEED to!
Check out her super fun eggs here.

Easy Peasy Strawberry Clippie Tutorial

Let me start by saying sorry for the photos in this post {I did this back when I was operating with only my phone}.

Ok so just wanted to share a little project today. Strawberries season is just about over here in Florida {BIG BUMMER}. But thought I would share a little strawberry love with a strawberry clippie.

Here is what you will need:
- Fabric glue
-Hot Glue
- Scissors
- 4in piece of red swiss dot ribbon in 7/8in. {I used red and black but red and white would work just fine}
- 4in piece of green ribbon in 1/4in.
- A clip of your choice {snap clip or clippie}

Fold over the Red Swiss Dot ribbon over to make a cone shape the width you would like. May want to hold the clip behind it to see if it will cover.

Using fabric glue, glue down one side.

Then glue down the other half.

You should have your cone shape back when done.

Then cut straight across the top.

Next take your green ribbon and cut the end at an angle.

Then fold over and snip the other end to make leaves, like above. glue down the leaves in the center of your fold. Repeat this one more time. So you have two leaves.
{I would take a lighter to the ends to prevent fraying at this point.}

To make the stem take the remainder green ribbon and add glue on one side of it.

Then fold in half {you may need to hold it closed while it dries}.

Ok so I am missing picture of the assembly but it is pretty straight forward. Glue the stem to the back of the strawberry then glue down the leaves across the front top. {It should like the picture below once complete}. Once done hot glue to the clippie.

Again I apologize for the pictures, please let me know if you have any questions...

Happy crafting!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I ♥ faces - Week 13 "Dramatic Black and White."

{Jellybean this past weekend at the beach just moments before putting his little toes in the sand for the first time}

Buggies Birthday Soiree {Lil Boo & Co. Giveaway}

You may or may not know how I LOVE crayons and especially Lil Boo & Co. crayons!
So of course I just HAVE to have some for favors at Buggies party.
I have chosen to get the Rainbow Ring Crayon, I mean come on isn't it just perfect for a rainbow party!

Nicole from Lil Boo & Co. is so wonderful and easy to work with. So I am very excited to announce this weeks giveaway for her store. One lucky winner will get a choice of either a $15 store credit OR 6 Rainbow Ring Crayons! How nice is that?!
But wait...
there is more!
During our giveaway week Nicole is extending a 10% off discount for all my readers! Just enter the code "rainbow" in the comment to sellers section to get your refund after payment has been received!

Here is your 4 ways to enter

- You MUST be a follower of my blog.
- Head on over to Lil Boo & Co. and come back with your favorite items
- Make a purchase from Lil Boo & Co. {extra 5 entries leave a separate comment for each!}
- Blog, Facebook and/or twitter about this giveaway {please leave a link if possible}

Giveaway open until April 4 at midnight Eastern. A winner will be chosen by and announced on April 5.

Good luck my Bunnies!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Buggies Birthday Soiree {let the count down begin}

Hey y'all!
We are in party planning mode here.
Buggie's turning 4 this month!

As I plan her party I wanted to share tip, links, stores and other fun things along the way.
We have chosen a "rainbow" themed party {Marina from Penny Lane Designs created my button for these posts!}

While browsing Etsy I stumbled on an adorable store Wee Cute Treasures. I just had to have a rainbow girl made for Buggies party. When I spoke with Carol she was amazing and came up with three options for me to choose from.
This was the one I had her make.

She is UBER cute. And I have to say {which it might be hard to believe} but she is even more darling in person! I can not wait to find the perfect spot on the dessert table for her...

Crown Sharing. {first post on my computer in three weeks!}

I absolutely LOVE when I get to see my crowns in action.
It makes my heart happy.
Meredith from Meredith Nelson Photography shared some gorgeous
photos of her little boy Kai and his crown.
{correction Kai is not Meredith little boy oops, never assume}

{those eyes are just beautiful}

Today we went to my cousins daughters first birthday party. And of course I had to give her a crown. Her theme was watermelons so I had fun coming up with a NEW watermelon crown. {We are going to a strawberry party next weekend, guess what the next NEW crown is going to be!}

{I just love her crooked smile!}

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pick Your Palatte - Interior Inspiration

images via Martha Stewart

Hi:) My name is Anna, the blogger behind In Honor Of Design. I was honored that Amy asked me to guest post for her since I LOVE her blog. Don't you? With spring on the rise, I find myself wanting to re-vamp, clean out, and freshen up. I am a girl who loves color in every room whether it be subtle or strong. So, recently I found a great source of inspiration from Martha believe it or not;) You can actually get a peek of what it would be like if you really painted that room that shade of pink;) I hope this brings you some new creative ideas and inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers to spring!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tiny Toes Giveaway Winner

I know you are tired of hearing this but no laptop=unhappy Amy.

{picture of Buggie at out local Art Festival this past weekend}

Winner of Tiny Toes store credit giveaway was number comment 42. Congrats Carly, please email in at
( If no response within 48hrs from this post another winner will be choosen)

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Forever Young

Hi! I'm Chelsea from My Life in Style guest posting today for the lovely and equally crafty Amy. I'm not a mom, but I do often find myself blogging about my childhood in nostalgic posts about cubbies, school lunches, and holiday memories. For today, I'm here to help get the little kiddies all adorable for spring with undeniably girly trends that warmer weather always gets me excited for.
Spring Trends: Kid Edition

*click collage for product details*

I know I've focused on some girly trends, but don't forget about anything nautical. A striped shirt in red or blue with some khaki shorts or cargos is a simple and on-trend look for both boys and girls.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Do not forget to enter my current giveaway...
AGH I miss you guys, hope to get my computer back soon!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A pot of drool for me today...Happy St. Pattys Day!

and Happy Birthday to my Grampy, nothing like a Irish birthday for an Irish boy!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiny Toes Giveaway {March 16 - March 23}

Quick story.
Back when I was 7, I wanted, dreamed, desired for my very own pair of Chuck Taylor High Top
Sneakers. My Step Mommy was pregant at the time with my little bro. She wanted to surprise me when I was coming for a visit. So before I came she went to the shoe store and picked out the most perfect pair of white Chuck Taylors for me. But wait not only were they white but these bad girls had multi colored painted splattered on them. She got so overwhelmed by the new shoe smell she got a little sick in the ASH TRAY inside the shoe store. I know dating myself right now but so worth my ALL time favorite shoe story. Lets just say I slept with those on my feet

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rosanna and Leo the owners of Tiny Toes shoes here in Orlando for two years. They are such wonderful, fun, and passionate people. Within the past year they took their store front virtual with a wonderful website.

While at story time {which they host every Monday at their store} I asked Rosanna if she would want to host a giveaway on my blog. And she said YES!

Remember this post? Well these are not our first purchase from Tiny Toes nor will they be our last.
Here are just a FEW of my favorites.

{Buggie had these Saltwater Sandals last summer, they were the perfect sandal!}

One lucky winner will get a $25 gift certificate to Tiny Toes!

Here are the ways you can enter {PLEASE make sure to leave a separate comment PER entry}
1. Must be a follower of my blog {already one that counts!}
2. Go to Tiny Toes and come back with your fav shoe {make sure you have some time there is A LOT!}
3. Become a fan of Tiny Toes on FB.
4. Blog/Tweet/FB about this giveaway {provide link if possible}
5. Favorite shoe you have owned of ALL time?

You have until midnight eastern time March 23 to enter. A winner will be announced on March via

Good luck my fellow shoeaholics!

I so excited I can not even control myself...

to be sitting front of a REAL computer! It has been nearly two weeks without my laptop and I am having true withdraws. I am at my parents house right now and feel a "little" bad that I ran right for the computer after handing off my kids. Wow my mind is racing and my fingers are aching to type but what? I have so MANY MANY things to say and post about. But for right now here is a couple of photos from our Sunday Funday to Hollywood Studios {season passes are the best to Disney when you live in Orlando}.

I will be back later with a giveaway...Oh it feels so good to be blogging.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Soda Bottle Basket

Hey Ya'll!! Long time no see!? It's Tiffany again!!! I liked you sooo much I came back....SERIOUS!!!

 Incase you missed me the other day I posted about some pretty neat (at least I thought so!) things you could include in your kiddos Easter Basket this year. Click HERE to read that one!

While I was looking around online I came across a soda bottle basket and just HAD to make it. Of course I knew MINE would be so much prettier!

Soda Bottle Easter Basket


2 liter bottle of soda
Craft/fabric glue that dries clear
ribbon of any width
various foam decorations or paint
tape measure
Spray adhesive (optional)

Start out by removing the label from your bottle and then cutting off the top half at the height desired
(BE CAREFUL!! And don't worry about getting a straight cut we'll cover it up!!)
((I used a coke bottle....isn't she so curvy and beautiful!))

Use a tape measure to mark about a half inch down from the top all the way around the bottle.
(the length you measure will vary depending on the width of the ribbon you pick!)

Take your ribbon and measure around the bottle and cut. Spread the craft glue from your marks to the rim of the bottle and place the ribbon on.

See! I told you we would cover up that hack job you did cutting!!!!

Oh.....Sour Cream and Onion Goldfish are HIGHLY recommended while doing this craft!!! ;)

Decide on the handle length according to your height...I just eyeballed mine....and double it.

Double it because you are going to cut it in half. Basically you'll have two pieces the same length that you will be glueing together. This makes the ribbon a little more sturdy....AND if you use spray adhesive it makes it EVEN sturdier!!!
(in this pic I have folded over after spraying on the adhesive..I then cut right where the two met)

Once the adhesive is dry (it only takes a minute or two) I sprayed about an inch of adhesive on the ends (same side on both ends) so I could attach it to the bottle.
I reinforced it with the craft glue.

Now for the fun part. Get creative! I used the sticky foam pieces that Michael's carries but you could use just about anything. Paint would look especially FABULOUS!

The smaller ones are actually tonic water bottles!

Obviously these aren't the "normal" size Easter Baskets but they are perfect for teacher gifts, home decorations and school crafts!

Thanks for having me AGAIN Amy....and peeps!!!

photo courtesy of flickr and i5prof

Friday, March 12, 2010

Easter Basket Additions

Hi Ya'll! I am so SUPER excited to be a guest of Amy's!!

My name is Tiffany and Amy and I have know each other for YEARS...I mean like middle school YEARS! I have a handful of blogs...literally...looking for a STEAL or a DEAL then click a bun in the oven then click HERE....wanna see a real life miracle baby then click HERE!! Enough tooting my horn let's get to the really good stuff...

Easter is just around the corner so why not do a post about Easter baskets?

Do you do them at your house? I do! I can taste those PEEPS now!! I prefer the rabbit ones and I like my PEEPS about a week stale...I know...I am weird like that!! For as long as I can recall I always got a new bathing suit in my basket. This was something I looked forward to every year and a little tradition I am passing on to my daughter too!

Another tradition I started is buying a piece from the Longaberger Basket Collection. I bought the Easter Basket from Tessa's 1st Easter (2009) and figured until she is 18 I'd buy her something so that she'd have a whole slue of valuable pieces to take along with her when she gets a family of her own.

Here is what I have in mind for this year....

I'm LOVING that Gator basket from Longaberger!

Here are some neat things to consider adding to your kiddo's basket this year....

Magic Beans
(not edible!!)

(you may need to invest in a BIG basket for this stencil set to fit in!)

(these are THE BEST bubbles EVER made...SERIOUS!)

(also perfect for goodie bag favors for LOVE them!)

(these are a staple in my diaper bag!)
I buy online or at Publix

 and the infamous bathing suit courtesy of Old Navy

I made a trip today to Michael's and saw their bins (the ones jammed with stuff $2 or less) are on sale and have super great things for erasers, note pads, lollipops, Easter fizzle soaps...LOTS of stuff! Keep that in mind too!

Thanks for having me Amy and Amy's peeps.....yummm....peeps!
photo courtesy of flickr and photog mike