Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arm Candy Swap Party!

A few weeks ago I signed up for an Arm Candy Swap Party.
Cause I love me some candy.

And when I got my partner email, I am not going to lie I was a little confused and had to read it twice.
First my partners name was Amy, last I checked that was mine.
Then I read she lived in Florida, hello my address is in Florida.
And her an answer to her to her childhood celebrity crush was Joe McIntyre, my childhood walls where plastered with Joey Mc, posters like it was wallpaper.
Which made me think Leonora had lost her mind and partnered me up with myself.

But NO, there is actually another one of me out there, its

So then my mind went to holy crap Leonora partnered me with a legit jewelry maker.
And by legit people, I mean she is even living her dream of opening a brick and mortar shop!!!
Then it came to actually making bracelets for a legit jewelry maker.
Yep, that much anxiety, haha.
So after making her candy, I sent it off.
With fingers crossed that nothing broke before she could get a photo of it!
Then Amy reassured me, it was all good in the hood since she actually had REAL jewelry making tools, not her husbands tool box tools, so she could fix it!

 Then my package came, I was over moon with the fun items Amy made for me!
I loved the variety in the bracelets, making them for fun all different outfits.



I would have included more shots of me wearing them, BUT I have some seriously veiny old lady hands that I did not want you to lose your breakfast!

It was super fun to go out side my comfort zone and make jewelry and a new friend!
Thanks Leonora and Ilene for hosting such a fun swap.

Now head over to see all the swap partners links!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mom in the shot {Seeing myself}

I find myself looking in the mirror a lot, but not in the traditional sense but in the seeing myself in my daughter sense.
The physical similarities are undeniable... 

I feel myself working everyday to make sure she shines.
That I force myself to sit back and let her work her magic.
There is a little bit of me rubbed off in there for sure.
But I strive to keep it at a minimum.
But in the end if she turned into me, would that be a bad thing?

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