Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Little Beaver...

Today was a busy day getting things done.  Hubby worked on Jellybeans room, painting almost finished and I was promised to have a dresser put together by tonight!  Meanwhile downstairs Buggie was busy doing what she does best playing, dancing, and singing.  I do believe she put on every single dress-up outfit she owns.

For myself I was busy making crowns and wands.  Just wanted to share a few new items I have added to my store, True Love Found.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can you believe it is right around the corner!

Last year was Buggie's first year to go treat or tricking door to door.  So I wanted to get her a bag that was the right size, something we could use year after year, and of course super cute!  So after some searching I came across Sew Gracious.  And let me just tell you, this candy bag is by far the cutest I have ever seen and so well made.  When Easter came around I know exactly where to go to get Buggie's Easter basket.  So this year I wanted to make sure to share her store with you, she makes many more items (I also have a key fob of hers). The fabric she uses is gorgeous!  Just wish I had a reason to buy another this year, Jellybean is missing Halloween by a month!

Buggie last year as sleeping beauty, with her Sew Gracious Halloween Bag.

I love this fabric, just got Buggie a dress made in the same fabric...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One stop shop for my little Jellybean....

As you may have read in my pervious posts, if Jellybean is a boy we are going to do robots in the nursery and if Jellybean is a girl it will be nesting dolls.  So last night as I sit on the couch watching my "reality" TV shows, thats right I watch "reality" TV don't judge, I was browsing through Etsy and came across the cutest store, Ollie Rose.  And how happy was I that not only were there robot rattle dolls but also nesting rattle dolls.  The designs are exclusively theirs, as they use their own designed and printed fabric.  They are lovely....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Houston we have a problem...

I will be the first to admit that housework is not my thing.  Of course I do it out of need but it is not fun at all for me.  I wish I had one of those OCD personalities about it, but I seemed to have missed out on that gene.  

Now I know that my actions have a reflection on my Buggie.  And as she gets older I am recognizing that is not always the best thing.  So this morning when I mentioned to Buggie that we need to pick up today, her response was "Who's coming over?"

Ok so like many others we pick up when people are coming over, but when my 3 yr associates cleaning to company coming maybe that means we should do it in between visits!  I need a good kick in the behind to get the house together.  Oh nesting phase where are you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why dread Monday's when you can look forward to a giveaway!

So as some of you know I have been a huge fan of Vintage Lucy's for some time.  And recently I made my first purchase and was so happy with the experience.  The Retro Mermaid Dress I bought for Buggie was just as darling in person as it was online.  The quality is of such a high standard, example I have washed the dress at least three times and the the print is still impeccable.  So I am super excited to be able to give you a chance to win a $20 credit towards a purchase of any of the amazing products Vintage Lucy's offers!  Thanks Tab for making this happen...

Here are just a VERY FEW of the things that I drool over at Vintage Lucy's:

Thats my Buggie, little miss model!

You have up to 4 ways to enter:
1. Follow my little blog and go over to Vintage Lucy's then come back and let me know what you are drooling over!
2.. Become a follower of Vintage Lucy's Blog
3. Blog about the contest
4. Post about the contest on Facebook and or Twitter

Please leave one comment for each entry. If your email is not accessible please make sure to leave it in you comment.  Contest will end Aug 30th at midnight Eastern time. With an winner announced Aug 31st.

Good luck!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lunch does a girl good...

In our house we believe a good meal leads to a happy, playful, and silly kid.  So today was no exception.  Buggie came to the table saw her plate and said "Yum, look at my good lunch."  Makes me smile just typing that.  After what we consider a clean plate for our three year old, she was off to dance....

And some how stickers made the dance that much more happy, fun, and silly...
Oh she is such a twirlie girlie...

So eat up and then go dance it off, makes for a wonderful day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a couple of things to mention...

First, I will have another giveaway up bright and early Monday morning.  I can promise it will be a good one.  So make sure to check back.

Secondly,  not sure if you knew but I recently opened an Etsy Store of my own, True Love Found.  I have been busy making crowns of all sorts for girls and now boys too!  I will be setting up a giveaway within the next week for a crown, so yet another reason to check back!

Oh and last but differently not least, we are gearing up for Buggies first day of preschool next week.  Hubby and I went to meet the teacher last night, and we are both very excited.  But not so sure how excited Buggie will be that morning.  I just hope the water works are at a minimum for both her and I.  I will for sure blog about this experience next week, so oh wait another reason to check back!

Hope I have given you guys enough to look forward to, I know I am excited...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Check out this awesome giveaway...

You need to go check out the giveaway Gobs of Giveaways is having for MAH Creations.  Super cute notepads!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy Saturday Morning....

We had plans to go to Disney this morning, but decided to stay home instead. We had such a wonderful lazy morning. Buggie watched a few Backyardagain episodes on Jeff's Ipod Touch with his Bose headset. She was super cute had to get a couple of shoots of her....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last play date of the summer...

Today was a great day.  We had our last play date of the summer, with Buggie starting school soon and Jellybean on the way, we need to get one more under our belt.  We had such a great time with our friends.  The kids made their own pizzas, foam airplanes and princesses, friendship bracelets and ice-cream sundaes!  With all that we managed to squeeze in some playing.  So now I am perched on the couch watching some TV and catching up online.  Here are some pics from our awesome day....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And the winner is...

Congrats to Emily B!  Please contact TrulySanctuary directly to claim you prize.  They have been notified that you are the winner.  No giveaway this week, but come back next week for an all new giveaway....Good luck.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh I love this...

I just found the most wonderful Etsy Shop Jewelry By Jessica.  She has such a great DIY kits, that I just had to share.  Her DIY Shrink Plastic Necklace Kit and DIY Window or Wall Ornament Kit, are such a ingenious way to create a lasting piece of art from you little one.  I love childerns artwork, especially Buggies, so to have a way to show it off makes this great kit perfect!  Oh and what a great gift for your Mommy friends and/or Grandparents.   Jessica also has so beautiful original pieces.

Monday, August 3, 2009

And the Winner is...

Congrats Trixpixel!  You have won the Picky Sticky giveaway.  Please contact Picky Sticky through conversation on Etsy, they have notified that you are the winner!  Check out my current giveaway, you seem to have luck on your side!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Truly Sanctuary Giveaway Aug. 3 thru Aug. 9

I am so excited to be offering a giveaway from TrulySanctuary.   One lucky winner will be able to choose any one item from TrulySanctuary!  I am even more excited to be able to post a little bio from the owners of this is awesome store.  Thanks so much Bethany for sharing your story.

We are Ron and Bethany Remsberg…TrulySanctuary is run out of our home currently in Lakeland Florida. We came up with the concept over a year ago on July, 4th 2008. Ron had been going to school full-time while slinging coffee to make ends meet. Along with the arrival of our daughter Truly Louise, this was becoming a busy first year of marriage. The 4th of July rolled around (Our first major holiday as a family) and because of Ron’s busy schedule he was going to miss out on the festivities. When he left for work that day it was clear he was extremely down. I had to think of something not just to cheer him up, but to let him know we were thinking about him and proud of what he was doing for our family. A silly picture of Ron wearing a fake mustache and a bandana on his head in an Aunt Jemima fashion instantly came to mind and I knew what I had to do. I went to the store and along with a cheap package of fireworks and a couple of beers; I bought the supplies I needed to carry out my cheer up daddy plan. That night Ron was greeted by his 3 month old daughter wearing a onesie with that silly picture of him right on the front. He instantly felt great…it was personal; it made him laugh and feel loved! That night we couldn’t stop thinking of the different onesies we wanted to make for our daughter, then for our friend’s kids…it didn’t take long to realize that we were on to something.  Of course we’ve come a long way from that first silly onesie made on our bathroom counter with my mother-in- law’s iron and some store bought transfer paper. We now offer a gorgeous top of the line product fit for any baby boutique. ..Any baby! Our goal has not only been quality, but to continuously provide a new stream of the most unique, fun and quirky baby and toddler clothes out on the market.  Our daughter Truly (our company’s namesake) is now 13 months old and we are expecting our second daughter Normandy Mae this next Tuesday…life continues to get busier, but fuller as our family and company, TrulySanctuary, grow. 
Thank you, 
Bethany, Ron, Truly Lu and Normandy Mae (almost) 

You have up to 4 ways to enter:
1. Become a follower on my blog  
2. Go to TrulySanctuary and then post a comment about your favorite item.  
3. Blog about the contest 
4. Post about the contest on Facebook and/or Twitter  
Please  leave a separate comment for each entry. If your email is not on your profile please provide in your comments.  Then on August 10 a winner will be drawn using
Giveaway ends Aug 9 at midnight.
Good luck!

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED, will post winner later today.

Here are just a few of my favs:

Check out this awesome giveaway...

Go to the giveaway spearmint baby is having.  Super cute clutch purses..... My fav is the Viceroy.