Monday, September 15, 2014

My Spooktacualr Contribution

I have the honor of guest posting on Eighteen25 Girls blog today, making it my third year during their Spooktacular September.

Like I mentioned in that post, I am finding it harder and harder to original in this social media day and age.  So I hope these circle weave spiders I made fit the bill, trendy, original, and "pin worthy".


Monday, August 4, 2014

Easy GIANT Bubbles

We have been struggling this summer with getting ALL our items checked off #OurSummerFunList.
With 15 days I am feeling the pressure.

Last night we decided to mark make GIANT bubbles off.
I found SOO many recipes, but at 5pm none of them were as simple as soap.

Then I came across this one.  
I used the dawn ultra, which is concentrated, so I used 8 cups of warm water and 1 cup of soap.

And for the wands, we used this DIY.  But when we started we were running into an issue where the twine would not open, we added a few washers to the bottom string to weigh it down.

After our friends on our street saw our bubbles over the fence we moved it out front and had bubble fun with everyone.

 It was much easier then I thought for the kids to get the hang of it. Wind did play a factor, when it started to pick up a bit the kids found it harder to get the bubbles from popping right away. But over all I think this simple recipe was worth not driving around at 5pm on a Sunday to find glycerine.


I have a winner for the Winervention, Lesley from Recipe for Crazy.
Thanks to all those who enter!

Avery's super cool Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine Tee can be found here.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Cleaner Wiener {A Wienervention sponsored by Applegate enter to win}

It's not a secret that we love us some Applegate.
So when I got an email asking if we wanted to have a wienervention, we jumped at the chance to grill up some cleaner wieners.

I am one for full disclosure, with that said I am not a hotdog lover.
If given the option I would choose a hamburger over a dog.
BUT Applegates Natural uncured beef hot dog is a WHOLE other story.
I crave them. 

Hubs is the proud new owner this summer of a Big Green Egg,
so any opportunity he has to use it, he throws down.

Nolan had requested corn dogs, which got me thinking...

Corn dog deconstructed, haha. He was in heaven. 

Hubs had the brilliant idea of getting some Applegate Sunday bacon and having it as a topping. Because bacon makes everything better, its the truth.

Grilling dogs + water slides = prefect summer hangs.

Topped our evening with a sweet treat of ice cream bowls.

Applegate would LOVE to extend a kit to one of you!!


   Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dogs
-  Rudi’s Hot Dog Buns (White and Gluten-Free)
-  Annie’s Organic Ketchup and Mustard
-  Rick’s Pick’s Relish
-   Applegate Apron
-   Grilling tool set
-  Frisbee
-   Mini Applegate Cooler
 - Susty paper straws and napkins

To enter leave a comment, letting me know what would be your Hot dogs + _______ = perfect summer evening. US residents only. Open til midnight on Jul 25.
Good luck.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Buggie {Jamz Streetwear}

Just had to share some images I took of my little string bean yesterday.
I look at her and sit in awe.
She is turning into such an amazing lady.

She is conquering her fears and putting herself out there by joining cheerleading next year.
This is HUGE for my little shy girl. 

She is such a little force of nature.
Her love is undying.
Her friendships are her world.

Her beauty is undeniable.
Inside and out.

Her imagination is always on.

Her laugh is contagious.
And her sense of humor is natural.

Most of all she is such a joy.

Her amazing hat and shirt are from Jamz.
I am totally smitten with Jamz.
It brings me back to my Punky Brewster days.
The days when neon ruled the word.
Thanks Jamz for the amazing clothes and bringing back my childhood memories to relive through my kids!  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life recap.

I will save the "hey guys I am alive, blah blah blah" stuff, since its has been said by me over the past year on every random post I have done.
Lets just do a quick life recap.

Since we last spoke,

Beyonce dropped a new secret album.

 Avery had her first run, and ran a 9:49 mile. I cried when she crossed the finish line.

Field Day came and was a jumping success.

My littles did what they do best, got snugly in some Hello sweatshirts.

I downloaded a new app, ha.
It was fun for this one photo, then I was like how many animal head photos do I REALLY want?!

Avery turned into a teenager, but seriously.

Then made us beam with Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance.

Nolan started soccer. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I co- hosted a baby shower.

I jetted to Savannah for a girls trip. I HIGHLY recommended Savannah for a girls trip, it pretty much rules. {shirts from Passive Juice Motel}
 I got a furphew, his name is Murphy. I am smitten.

We celebrated Easter.

Buggie turned 8. Yes you read that right 8. 

I gave up party planning so she could have her blowing party.
I ordered a cake and just showed up. It was pretty amazing and stress free.
She also got custom hand painted Lisa Frank inspired Chucks. They are epic. 
Check out Sink or Swim for more info

 Lastly, I started selling Rodan + Fields, its pretty much the most amazing skin care.  

So its been busy. And not slowing down. Today marks 25 days left of school. Summer is just around the corner and is already packed. 
Oh I turn 35 this month, so there is that to look forward too, ha.

What have you been up to?