Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Pan Chicken and Yellow Rice w/ a Tantrum in the Middle

Chicken and yellow rice is a staple dinner in our house.
I ALWAYS have a bag of Vigo yellow rice in our pantry.

Here is what you need to make this crazy easy and oh so delish meal...
- 3 to 4 Chicken Breast {if they are on the thick side I would pound them down}
- Bag of VIGO, I use the large family size
{I will only recommend this brand, this girl was raised on it and will not change}
- Bag of frozen peas

Season the chicken with a little poultry seasoning.
In a large pan add some olive oil and cook the chicken on medium to high heat for around 3 to 4 mins per side. You are just browning not cooking through.

Remove chicken and follow rice directions to start cooking. Once you are about to put the lid on pan, add chicken back in, slight submerged. And pour peas in around 1 1/2 cups.

Set the timer for the 20-25 mins per the bags directions.

While our chicken and rice was cooking the kiddies were playing so nice.

Then he wanted the pen.

And since I think he throws the cutest tantrums, I kept shooting instead of rectifying the problem. He will thank me later for documenting this.

The lip curl and brow scrunching, freakin adorable.

Please tell me I am not the only Momma that does this to their kids?

Oh, snap. Busted.

That face. I mean come on people.

Then the stove dings and like Pavlov's dog, all is right in tantrumville. That kid knows his dings, oven, toaster, and microwave.

Fluff up the rice and serve.

I love a little tomato and avocado with it. And of course you could do some black beans. Add a little hot sauce and you are good to go.



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laurel bud said...

Love this post.

Cracked up at 'I mean come on people'.... funny!

Chicken and rice looks so good, mouth watering as I type. We don't have VIGO rice in the UK, is it a saffron long grain rice or is it more like arborio or risotto rice???


Jami Nato said...

mmmm....yellow rice...why is it yellow? looks good.

and your little guy...the freaking cutest sad faced ever!

MaryEllen Rodriguez said...

You can't EVER tell him this, I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.... NOW give him his own pen..... xoxo miss you and love you

Frank Rodriguez said...

You are one mean MOMMA...LOL So Funny

Mrs. Jacobson said...

I'm newly preggo and everything makes me want to barf, but this looks so delicious I might attempt to go to the store for ingredients. Then if I'm not to tired and nauseous, make it tonight for my poor husband who has been eating soup along with me for the last few days.

danielle @ take heart said...

i love peas. making this.

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

This is my life every day at dinner, minus tomatoes and avocados. We don't eat either. Why do kids have meltdowns when it is time to cook?

Jennifer said...

Thanks for deciding whats for dinner tonight... =)
Your little man is too cute! Mine used to do the exact same thing when he was that age. He still sticks that bottom lip out when he's really upset. Sometimes I still take pictures of it. haha

Unknown said...

oh my goodness look at that face! Toooo cute!

CarrieD said...

Hi Amy, I made this a few weeks ago and my husband LOVED it. My only issue was my chicken seemed a little dry. Have you ever tried the same method using chicken quarters? Do you think it would work okay if I tried it? Thanks for your input. The recipe is delicious!!

Amy H. said...

Carrie, I glad you enjoyed it! I don't see why not. But maybe a breast would work for too, I just am particular about the texture of my chicken, HAHA.