Monday, January 9, 2012

Felt Heart and Doily Garland

I love decorating for Valentines Day.
It makes me smile.
Little hearts and cheer throughout the house.
This weekend I worked on a little Felt Heart and Doily Garland.
LOVED how it turned out.

- felt
- twine from The Twinery {or embroidery floss}
- piece of paper
- embroidery needle
- paper doilies
- scissors
- glue stick
- stuffing {you can always sacrifice a stuff animal for this}

First thing I did was make my heart template.
Went old school and just folded a piece of paper and cut a heart out.

Then cut to hearts for the front and back. And did the blanket stitch around the heart, you can read my tutorial on Em's blog for this stitch.
Really I wish everything in my world had a blanket stitch.

Once you have 80% stitched stuff your little heart. Remember you need more stuffing then you think.

Once you finish off the stitch, take a piece of twine the length you want the hoop for hanging to be, and thread it through the needle. Pull through and then tie into a knot.

Make as many as your heart desires..

Then I took paper doilies {I bought last year at Target}.
Folded them in half and cut them.

Then spaced them on a piece of twine and added the hearts in-between. Gluing the doilies down with the glue stick.

Hung it up on our family photo wall...

Yep I am in love with it.

Here is a few I embellished...

Another little Valentines Day project from last year.

And the wreath I made last year is making its rounds on Pinterest.

Can you tell I like these colors together?!



christina said...

i LOVE that wreath!! will i be seeing that in a magazine too? :)

Mycharmingcolors said...

Super cute! I didn't know you did a tutorial on a back stitch, I'll have to try it. Sewing intimidates me :-)

I also like to sacrifice stuffed animals for stuffing :-)
the christmas ones are on sale at Target/got Judah a doggie for 40 cents yesterday ;-)

Room 118 said...

Love love love...and what I love even more is the stuffed animal sacrificing, crack me up! :)

Unknown said...

so darn cute! i'm definitely making the hearts- a bunch of them. for garland and to hide with my little one. i saw the idea on pinterest. we each hide them every day and when found- the finder knows how very much they are loved!!

katie said...

i LOOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!! I will be making one this week!

Jen @ A Touch of Lovely said...

so stinkin cute! i'm gonna have to get on this!

Anonymous said...

The code for artsy anthropology doesn't work!