Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We play with our food.

Just wanted to share two lunch plates I made the kids this past week...

Not much of a post today, just wanted to share.

Oh one more thing before I go.
My sweet friend Jess made Buggie this adorable owl hat...

Check out My Charming Colors for more!

Ok peace out!


angie said...

Love your food ideas. So cute. I *must* make that Hello Kitty one for my daughter! And that hat is just TOO cute for words!

angie said...
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Mycharmingcolors said...

adorable <3
and thanks for the shout out ;-) I couldn't have had a prettier model for my hats

BJJ said...

I feel like I've watched Avery grow up so much in just the few months I've been following you. She is an adorable little girl! She rocks the owl hat (and everything else for that matter) so well!!