Friday, January 6, 2012

Let us take a look, what's in your pocketbook? {Guest Starring Marissa from Controlled Chaos}}

Hi all.
Wow it has been a hot min since I blogged.
Not intentional but I guess life got away from me.
But today I am back with "Let us take a look, what's in your pocketbook?"

This month I wanted to share a momma, that I not only know IRL {in real life} but she is part of my extend HUGE fam bam.
Marissa, who I just call my cousin, is actually the sister of my cousins wife.
Yes, we count people that far deep as fam.

Marissa, from Controlled Chaos, is plain and simple the bomb.
She is a Momma to not one, not two, but three, yes three littles under the age of two.
When I tell you she is one of the funniest people I know, I AM NOT KIDDING.

Her blog is a dumping ground of some of the best heart felt, Hi-Larry-Us, Momma rants out there. Not convinced? Read this. Did you laugh out loud? I snort laughed through the whole thing. And honestly I could link about twenty more posts just as AWESOME as that one, but you should just head over and find the gems as there are many!

But lets get to what we came from today.
The bag.
So I normally ask for a picture of the bag and contains, with a "BRIEF" description of the contains. Then based off that I ask the fellow blogger questions. BUT when I received Marissa's pictures and "BREIF" description, I honestly could not think of questions that would even compare to the "BREIF" description that Marissa so graciously provided.

1. Diaper
2. Sunglasses with no case which means they are terribly scratched.
3. Toothpaste. I hate cleaning so much that sometimes I pick stuff off the floor and throw it in my purse. It's easier than walking it to the bathroom.
4. Dried apple snacks. I feed my kids in the car to keep them quiet.
5. A lollipop from Halloween.
6. A fork.......ummmmm I dunno.
7. My E-ticket to Disney for The Very Merry Mickey Parade.

8. Wallet. I am so glad you asked me to do this today because I bought a new wallet. And two days ago all of my cards and receipts were strewn everywhere in my purse. True story - I have lost my wallet a total of four times since the twins were born. That's four times in less than two years. But now I have two drivers licences because I found my wallet from the fourth time right after I bought the new wallet. Redic.
9. 3 MAC Lip Glosses. I can never find one and today I empty my purse and find three. I really only put it on when I see someone I know in public. That is, if I can sneak it on without them seeing me do it.
10. Bobbypins. But they're blonde bobbypins and I went dark about six months ago.
11. One pair of Stella's shoes and one pair of Chloe's shoes.

12. Playdough
13. Gum and chocolate
14. A Target receipt. I actually had about four of these but it looked too trashy so I threw them away. Sorry. It's the only way I edited the contents.
15. Eyeliner I actually put this one some days.
16. Money. Singles only. Boo.
17. Wine/Bottle opener. I don't know from when or why but, I do know it's staying.
18. A perscription for Stella
19. Wipes.
20. The diaper cover from Stella's Christmas dress.
21. A pair of Colton's pajama bottoms. No top, just bottoms???
22. A outdoor carpet sample from Home Depot.

And one thing that I always have in there but isn't for some reason - Bendable Straws because of YOU! Thank you for the fabulous tip. Although, mine are just in a ziploc, not in a pretty toothbrush holder like yours.
Is this too long? Sorry. I have a bunch of crap ; )

Seriously people could I have done better?!
I think not.
So like I mentioned before Marissa, is the bomb diggity.
And I am IN LOVE with her first Pinterest project!
MUAH, Cous, thanks for hanging with us today!


Unknown said...

Yes - I laughed out loud. Being an "empty nest" mom - it brought back my days of 2 kids & 2+ daycare kids so that I could be a SAHM.........
One of them eating a P&B sandwich & then promptly gagging & throwing it up because she didn't like peanut butter but was TOO SHY to tell me! Then the chain reaction of her throwing up that hit the other 3 kids......
I am on the other side & happy to say that I DO call my kid in college to wake him up!
Loved it!

Marissa said...

Bwwwwaaaahahahahaha. I so thought the list was between you and me. WishI would have read it before I hit send. I love you Aim H. and like I've said before, I LOVE the pocketbook posts. Love them.

Mycharmingcolors said...

ha ha ha ha well I guess if she ever gets stranded somewhere she can literally survive a few days with the contents in her bag :-)

oh and I need a bag like hers to hold that much stuff