Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Spoonful of Sugar Valentines {DIY}

Remember that super sweet picture I took of Buggie the other day?
While here is what I ended up using them for...

I did this DIY, where I personalized spoons, a while back. But this time I decided to paint the spoons for a little added flare.

- spoons {dollar store has 2 for $1}
- wire
- wire cutters
- letter beads
- spray paint

Once the dollar store spoons were painted, we got to wrapping.

Buggie had a good time helping me spelling out all her friends names in her class.
Starting at the bottom of the spoon on the back, fold a little wire up, and wrap a few times.
Then start adding beads, wrapping a few times in between each letter.
To end wrap several times then tuck the wire through the back.

Add a little Kiss to the spoon with some double sided tape, for that little bit of sugar.

I am OVER THE MOON with how they turned out.


Aubrey said...

I am speechless at the cuteness and creativity! seriously. Adorable.

bird and tree said...

that is the most adorable valentine card ever!!! Your little one is going to be a big hit on Vday....but she probably already is, for sure! Super creative !!! love it!

Unknown said...

Absolutely adorable!
I might just do a silly shot of me & do these up for my students! Wouldn't they love that? HA!

Nicole said...

Wow. These are just great! You rock!

tricityty said...

I love this idea and might do it. But I have a question. Did you use special spray paint? Should they not be put in liquids? I would be affraid of the paint in their food and mouths. Thanks! Amber

Carolina said...

Beautiful project!!!!! I just wanted to let you know it will be featured in Practical Scrapper's Fabulous Finds Fridays on Feb 10. Thanks for sharing this fab project with us!

Carolina Garrido (scrappingnomad at gmail dot com)

Anita said...


Dear Boys Love Mom said...

THose are so cute!! They look pretty time consuming. I would love to make these before Valentines day! Thank you for the idea :)

Claire Hall said...

These are just too amazing!!!! How lucky Averys classmates are!! You are really changing my mind on this whole Valentines thing ;) I even bought heart shaped plates today.... Claire xx

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Now that's adorable!

BJJ said...

This is amazing. I bet she has such a great V-day at school! <3

Melissa Cassel said...

I took inspriation from you and made these for my daughter's Pre-K class. I am really bad with spray paint but apart from that mess, they were super easy! My little one insisted on Starbursts on the spoons and while this would not have been my first choice, they still looked great and wowed everyone. Thanks for a fantastic idea!