Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Perfect Spot for Cards a DIY {and other tid bits}

Here is how this went down.
"Hey Hubs whatchadoin with that base board in the garage?"
With one eyebrow up, Elvis style, he says "Why?"
"I was wondering if you could make me a frame out of it? Then attach some
chicken wire to the back of it."
After another one of those Elvis eyebrow looks.

The next question was what size.
And to this I responded "Um, let me see." {searching searching}
"Ah this will be perfect." {at this point, no joke I was holding a roll of wrapping paper}.

Once he had done all the hard part {the chicken wire even attacked him at one point}.
I took a can of white spray paint and painted the wire.
Then sprayed the frame red.
Done and done.

But of course I did add some embellishments.
Now who will be the first to send us a holiday card to hang?!

{I printed the festive subway art from Eighteen 25}

Did you notice I used some maraschino twine from
The Twinery to finish it off. That's so wonderful about their products,
there is SO many uses. Remember 25% when you make a purchase, just note
BUGBEAN25 in comments good through Dec 10th!

I did make the trees from yesterday's post. It was just foam cones and LOTs of yarn, glue sticks and time. Wrapping and wrapping and more wrapping. A tutorial would be VERY boring.

Man oh man I love making me some yarn wreaths. This was one of the two I gave my step Mommy. I loved the clean, crisp, snowy feel.


christina said...

fa la la = ooo, la la! love it all!

Rory said...

Again...LOVE it!

Emily B said...

LOVE the card framey wire thing of beauty! You are brilliant. I may adapt that to become a wall piece for the nursery, to attach pictures to for baby to look at!

Anonymous said...

Love this so much ...well done :)