Friday, December 10, 2010

Two current obsessions.

Anyone else obsessing on The Sing Off?!
It is only two episodes in and I have had goosebumps both times.
I just love the talent and how it is ALL singing, nothing to back them.
It does make me feel totally inadequate in the singing department,
wait who am I kidding I did not need a show to do that.
I am just lucky my daughter does not go all Fozzy Bear on me and start chucking
tomatoes at me when I sing songs to her at night.

{my favorite group so far Street Corner Sympathy}

Ok on to number two.
This kid and his own obsession.
"Talking" on my phone.

{I love how the only thing out of focus is his mouth, jabbing a mile a minute}

We are working on handing it back to Mommy when he is done.
Not sure how many more throws it can take.

So how about you, loving The Sing Off?!
Anything good you are obsessing about right now?!

Happy weekend!


Lili said...

im obsessed too! and street corner symphony is my fave too!

christina said...

oh i LOVE it too!! they are amazing. the first group the other night...wowo!! im totally obsessing over some waterproof uggs right now. not usually an ugg fan, but love these. my feet would be so toasty warm gathering the eggs every morning. the hubbs told me to order them, but man $160 for a pair of boots is killing me. can you tell i have been obsessing over them?