Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fabric Bows DIY

Just because one owns a sewing machine, does not make one a sewer.
I have come to realize this over the past couple of years.
So this DIY is sewing free.

Fabric Bows:

What you need
- Fabric {depending of the size and how many bows you are making
will determine the measurements, I got 4 yard of the gingham and 1 yard of the most
crazy, insanely adorable santa fabric which I am hoping to get 7 to 8 bows}
- Balloons {now this is also depending on the size of the bow you want
I got 5 in balloons}
- Pipe cleaner
- Fabric Stiffener
- Scissors
- Plastic bags to protect your work surface
-Sponge brush

First thing I did was cut a 6in wide strip of the fabric I used for the bow part, then wrapped it around the balloons to make sure it was long enough to cover and gather in between the balloons.

Second I cut around 4 in wide strips of the crazy insanely adorable santa fabric for the tails.

Now I tried this two different ways.
First was was to tie everything together with the pipe cleaner leaving the pipe cleaner long in the back to use later to tie them.

Then with a sponge brush paint on the fabric stiffener. This way was much less messier then the second way but I found I did not get it saturated enough and it took longer.

Attempt two I took the fabric {both the gingham and the crazy insanely adorable santa fabric} and dunked it into a bowl of the stiffener ,using your fingers squeeze off the excess. Then wrapped it around the balloons and tied it all together. Much more messy but faster and covered the fabric much better.

To dry, lay it out on your plastic bags, I scrunched up the bag to give the tails a flowly look once they dried.
Let them dry over night, pop your balloons.

Lastly take a small piece of your bow fabric and tie around the center to make the center knot.
To hang use the pipe cleaner.

Man oh man that santa fabric makes me smile. I plan on making some more for the tree {which we are getting tonight!!!}.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.
Happy crafty!

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Heather - Chickabug said...

Adorable!! I love the fabric you chose!