Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's got your number.

Call me a wackado but I like some kind of order on Christmas morning.
So much so that I find myself shaking, holding up to the light, anything to remember what is in the box.

Opening gifts in some kind of order insures that once that certain gift
{you know the one, its topped EVERY single letter to Santa, its the one that
you hang over their head, "I am going to call Santa to tell him not to bother
bringing ______."}
will not bring the opening festivities to halt at its very presence.

I knew what to do.

I opened the images up in photoshop {you can use word also} and added some numbers {I used marcell font}. Once I printed them I used my 2in circle punch to cut them out.
I am using red for Bugs and green for Bean.

Now come Christmas morning, Buggie's pile will be stacked in sequence.

{this is THAT gift, the list topper, the head hanger, the VERY last one to open from Santa}

Some if not most of you may be shaking you head at the shear OCD of this post. I told you WACKADO. But when you spend some much time thinking about what to get you little people and then they fly through the presents like the Tazmanian Devil, it can honestly be a little disheartening.

This post is NOT meant to imprint my OCD on others, BUT this is how I like it done on
Christmas morning. And BELIEVE me it is not me sucking the fun out of it, it is still a BLAST.
Happy wrapping or should I say UNwrapping!


Bella Stevens said...

i would rather just let my kids open in whatever order they choose

christina said...

I can see it! I usually want to save the biggest present for last too. Hey do what you like and that's a new tradition for your family, nothing wrong with that. And besides, those printables are adorable, need to use them somewhere:)

Anna K. said...

Anything to keep you sane and happy throughout the holidays - it's funny how this time always seems to be lacking organization...

Unknown said...

I love it!!! I need to make these for Hanukkah next year so I know what night to open what! I see no OCD in this organization tactic, just a mom who has a vision to her gift giving, which you obviously took a lot of time and effort in picking the right gifts for your kiddos!

Finnskimo said...

Our Christmas Mornings have been four-five-six hours long opening presents. I still do it with my kids too.

The stockings are fair game once anyone wakes up, but our kids only get ONE present from us and ONE present from Santa (that's how it was growing up too) The one from us is practical, like Sealskin mittens, Mukluks, Parka, Gun, etc. The one from Santa is a Toy or something they wanted at one time during the year. They get to open that when everyone wakes up. (at 7:00 am!)

Then we elect an "Elf" who picks presents out for everyone and then we open ONE at a TIME (hence the LONG part) starting with the youngest working up to the oldest. And then we do it again until all the gifts are gone.

Another elf writes everything down from who and the kids work on Thank You cards throughout the day.

I used to think it was HORRIBLE, but now I think its great to have some sort of order. I've seen people rip through presents and not even care what they were just to get to the next one. I still remember certain items I got as a child and from whom. And if I forget, my mom has them all in the "Christmas folder" at her house! :)

Cheryl said...

Growing up, my BIG present was always "hidden" behind the couch. It was always the last gift I opened. We've started a similar tradition in our family...hiding the BIG presents in the fireplace, under Christmas decorations, on the back patio :-)

Free Pretty Things For You said...

lol you are too funny!
I LOVE what you did with my printables!! will be featuring soon!!!!

Rory said...

We open all our presents on Christmas Eve except for the stockings and what Santa brings. Santa is too busy to wrap presents, so when the kids come down on Christmas morning, they can see all their gifts. The BIG ones come from Santa so I don't have to try to wrap a bike and a tricycle this year..THANK GOODNESS!

ab said...

OCD, well.. ok... mayyyybe.
Love it love it love it!