Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 holds lots of possibilities.

I have been thinking about the new year.
Pondering what it will bring.
Do we map out our own destinies?
Or is there a master plan?
Either way you may think, I hope you will take full advantage of your life in 2011.
I know I plan on it.

First order of business, finishing up projects around my house.
Master bedroom redo, MUST be finished.

This print will be coming to live at my house, specifically a spot right next to my bed.

Parties to plan and indulge in.
Trips to book.
Friends to hang with.
Photoshop to "master".
Books to bend the spine on {no kindle or nook for me, old fashion page turning}.
Food to make and devour.
With LOTS of playing stuck in between it all.

So hows about you?
How are you planning to take hold of your life in 2011?!


Unknown said...

LOVE the print!

The past two years have been fab (but planned) - we got ingaged, planned our big wedding, had a European honeymoon, then got pregnant and had our baby girl ... 2011 - the plan is to relax and breathe, while enjoying every minute of every blessing .... oh, and buy a house and decorate it .... there goes that idea. ;)


emily anderson said...

can't wait for 2011...exciting things for the andersons!

Jami Nato said...

i agree...i'm not a huge fan of the kindle...just give me the paper!

danielle @ take heart said...

have i told you i love your blog? if not, here it is!

happiest of new years!