Monday, December 6, 2010

Suggestions needed.

Yesterday I did something I really shouldn't have.
I "attempted" to take pictures of the kiddies for a holiday card.
If I was not feeling insecure enough about taking a descent enough picture
to send to ALL our friends and family, I bumped into her.
You know her, the professional, went to school for this stuff, friend.
She was working, taking her fabulous pictures of a gorgeous family.
I think she might think I was rude, but she was working and I was finding it hard enough
not to grab her and hold on tight for dear life.
Next year I will not procrastinate and try to book with her a week into November,
what was I thinking.

Oh well, I took about 100 shots and got 5 to work with.
Now I need to print them.
Any suggestions on a good site to use and any coupon codes?

{this was the 5th that I did not use}


Jenni said...

i love shutterfly! i did a post about them and actually got 50 free holiday cards (back in the nov archives)! they are fast and their quality is super! i ordered cards on sunday night and they were at my door wednesday afternoon...8 days before they should have been! good luck, that picture you didn't use is adorable!

-Jenni said...

Shutterfly and Snapfish are good. I feel your pain with taking your own holiday card photos. I did that this year, too--plus for a couple of friends. It was very stressful. I didn't even manage to get any of Landon and Audrey together. Audrey was screaming a lot of the time ;-). Can't wait to see yours--I am sure they are wonderful!

Craftcherry said...

Shutterfly is always my go to and their shipping has always been super fast!

emily anderson said...

you should have asked, nerd. lol. i would have been glad to help :)

Melissa G said...

I'm sure your pictures turened out wonderful. That one above is super cute! I love that you took your holiday card photos yourself. Good job!
I also use Snapfish and Shutterfly for most of my printing. If you prepay for 250 prints with snapfish it's turnes out to be 9cents a print.

coolkids said...

adorable picture. Love her outfit. I got ours at peartreegreetings and adore it. If you google you can find some codes.

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG! Your daughters pose is GREAT! So cute! I used Shutterfly!

The Brandenburgs said...

You can pick up shutterfly locally now too! Not sure about cards though! Design in SBC+ and then print 4x6 or 5x7 is an option too! Use walgreens weekly special! : )

Amber said...

I would use They have great quality prints. Not sure of any coupon codes....

Erin said...

mpix and that picture is soo cute! I want to see the rest!

acutely cherished said...

This picture is really beautiful! I love the colors, did you use an actions?