Monday, March 1, 2010

It has arrived!

To my excitement my new stroller arrived on Friday! It went to together easily. Closed and opened super quick. Here is Buggie and Jellybean testing it out...

We are not using it in this setup right now. Jellybean is not ready for the front. So we have him in the car seat {which goes over the sit and stand part} in the back. And Buggie is up front for right now. She LOVES it!

Look at his little face, looking at me like "Are you serious LADY!".

But I know he will love the front once his up there.

We took it to the mall over the weekend and it was a pleasure to use. Turns on a dime, the storage space was large and easy to get to, and the handle was super comfortable. I am highly recommending this stroller.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Don't you just LOVE getting a new stroller? Glad you love it! Show a pic with his seat in it when you get a chance! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh nice ride!!! ;)

Kare said...

Wow! What a fun ride. Wish they had a gem like that in my tot trolley days! Boy, was my Peg Perego double-stroller difficult to maneuver. And, the expression on little Bean's face is just really does look like he thinks you're a bit off your rocker! What a cutie!