Monday, March 15, 2010

Soda Bottle Basket

Hey Ya'll!! Long time no see!? It's Tiffany again!!! I liked you sooo much I came back....SERIOUS!!!

 Incase you missed me the other day I posted about some pretty neat (at least I thought so!) things you could include in your kiddos Easter Basket this year. Click HERE to read that one!

While I was looking around online I came across a soda bottle basket and just HAD to make it. Of course I knew MINE would be so much prettier!

Soda Bottle Easter Basket


2 liter bottle of soda
Craft/fabric glue that dries clear
ribbon of any width
various foam decorations or paint
tape measure
Spray adhesive (optional)

Start out by removing the label from your bottle and then cutting off the top half at the height desired
(BE CAREFUL!! And don't worry about getting a straight cut we'll cover it up!!)
((I used a coke bottle....isn't she so curvy and beautiful!))

Use a tape measure to mark about a half inch down from the top all the way around the bottle.
(the length you measure will vary depending on the width of the ribbon you pick!)

Take your ribbon and measure around the bottle and cut. Spread the craft glue from your marks to the rim of the bottle and place the ribbon on.

See! I told you we would cover up that hack job you did cutting!!!!

Oh.....Sour Cream and Onion Goldfish are HIGHLY recommended while doing this craft!!! ;)

Decide on the handle length according to your height...I just eyeballed mine....and double it.

Double it because you are going to cut it in half. Basically you'll have two pieces the same length that you will be glueing together. This makes the ribbon a little more sturdy....AND if you use spray adhesive it makes it EVEN sturdier!!!
(in this pic I have folded over after spraying on the adhesive..I then cut right where the two met)

Once the adhesive is dry (it only takes a minute or two) I sprayed about an inch of adhesive on the ends (same side on both ends) so I could attach it to the bottle.
I reinforced it with the craft glue.

Now for the fun part. Get creative! I used the sticky foam pieces that Michael's carries but you could use just about anything. Paint would look especially FABULOUS!

The smaller ones are actually tonic water bottles!

Obviously these aren't the "normal" size Easter Baskets but they are perfect for teacher gifts, home decorations and school crafts!

Thanks for having me AGAIN Amy....and peeps!!!

photo courtesy of flickr and i5prof


Anna @ IHOD said...

This is too cute! What a resourceful project! Great post:)

Amy H. said...

How stinkin cute are these?! So going to do these with Buggie
for her Teachers Easter gift. Thanks so much Tif...