Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crown Sharing. {first post on my computer in three weeks!}

I absolutely LOVE when I get to see my crowns in action.
It makes my heart happy.
Meredith from Meredith Nelson Photography shared some gorgeous
photos of her little boy Kai and his crown.
{correction Kai is not Meredith little boy oops, never assume}

{those eyes are just beautiful}

Today we went to my cousins daughters first birthday party. And of course I had to give her a crown. Her theme was watermelons so I had fun coming up with a NEW watermelon crown. {We are going to a strawberry party next weekend, guess what the next NEW crown is going to be!}

{I just love her crooked smile!}


Mande said...

Such cuties! Love your crowns.

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!!

Anna @ IHOD said...

oh myyy gosh. I am getting so excited for you to create Gabriel's! You are so talented!

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

So cute!! Welcome back!

FYI, Meredith isn't Kai's momma, she is his photographer! :)