Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crying over spilt lemonade

I have been without my Mac Book since last Friday and seems it will be another 3 weeks before I get it back. See I found out the hard way lemonade and laptops do not mix!

So I have VERY limited access to the Internet. Due to this I have reached out to bloggie friends to help me with some guest posts.

Please excuse my popping in and out. But please stay with me {fun things coming up}.

This is my first post on my phone, weird...

How can I not smile seeing this face every
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Holly said...

What an adorable photo!!

Vintage Lucy's Boutique Clothing Brand said...

Oh No amy that really stinks! Hope you liked the dress and tank....would love pics of her in it when ya get time and good luck with you computer problem :(

Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh well, at least you had a cute pic to put on for us!!

Anna @ IHOD said...

oh nooo!! My software crashed so I am having an interesting week too!

That photo is simply precious:)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... that really sucks! I can't imagine going a day without my Mac.

carissa said...

oh bummer! it is certainly a sad thing when the computer goes kaput! i just found your blog and i adore it. so presh. i'm following and can't wait to come back!