Friday, March 19, 2010

Forever Young

Hi! I'm Chelsea from My Life in Style guest posting today for the lovely and equally crafty Amy. I'm not a mom, but I do often find myself blogging about my childhood in nostalgic posts about cubbies, school lunches, and holiday memories. For today, I'm here to help get the little kiddies all adorable for spring with undeniably girly trends that warmer weather always gets me excited for.
Spring Trends: Kid Edition

*click collage for product details*

I know I've focused on some girly trends, but don't forget about anything nautical. A striped shirt in red or blue with some khaki shorts or cargos is a simple and on-trend look for both boys and girls.

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Amy H. said...

Thanks Chelsea! I am lovin the ruffles, so cute. And thanks for including different price points, something for everyone!! Xo