Monday, April 19, 2010

Above the bond.

I was worried when he came.
Not just the newborn worries but deeper worries.
On the ride home from the hospital, I cried.
You know the UGLY kind.

I was worried that I was not going to bond with my little boy.
See when Buggie was born, I was drawn to her.
I needed her, I did not want to be without her for one second.

Bean was different. He was loved but the need was not that deep.
It makes me tear up writing that.
Would time make that need deepen?

{oh he is SO stinkin cute, shirt from Little Pinwheel}

Time has passed {6 mnths soon!}. And my little boy holds my heart tight.
I have come to realize that love comes in so many varieties. My love for my daughter is and will always be different then my love of my son. But thats ok. They are different, so the love for them will also be. I love them for so many reasons, a lot the same but a lot not.

{she did not want her picture taken, but I just had to capture her accessories}

All I can do everyday is tell them HOW much I love them. Encourage their uniqueness, differences, and NOT compare.
I am not perfect but I am trying to make sure I do not mess this up.
Its has to be one of the most important jobs I have as their Mommy.
And that is a job I do not take lightly.


Hallie Marie said...

i feel the same way about my daughter vs my twin boys, its a different love but both are great and treasured loves!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mommy! When you first posted that pic of Buggie on fb I thought she had curlers in! ha! LOVE the hairband! TrueLove? Opening soon? I hope! I am being featured and name dropped!

Mande said...

I worried I would not bond with my daughter my entire pregnancy. I mean how on earth could I love another person as much as I love my son right? But then she was born & you know it was just natural. A different love, but both have me wrapped tightly around their little fingers. Your little ones are so cute Amy. Love Bean's little onesie too.