Thursday, April 1, 2010

Buggies Birthday Soiree {Two Finds to Share}

Today while walking the asiles on Target, you know the place where all Moms go to pass the time.
I ran into a great find!

This white enamel cupcake stand:

Regular $19.99 on sale for $15!
I have been wanting to pick one up for Buggies dessert table
and what a perfect price to do so!
{I love how they already have the rain checks right there to grab}
They also had all their white serving ware on sale 10% off until April 3rd.

While on the subject of her dessert table I wanted to share a website I used to
order candy. When I first decided to do a dessert table the thought of having to
separate hundreds of skittles just to use the yellow ones was not something I wanted to do.
So when I happened upon Bulk Candy Store, I was thrilled that they sold candy by COLOR!


Lemondrop Paperie said...

Heading to my Target right now!! Fingers crossed that ours has it marked to $15 too...I've been eyeing that crazy thing for a while now! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. :) Oh...and the Bulk Candy Store - they are awesome - highly recommended! Pick by the color...yes, please! :) Good luck with Buggie's party...I can't wait to see pictures (hint, hint)!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous cupcake stand! If I didn't already have about 15 cupcakes stands already, I'd run out to buy a new one now! JR would kill me if I came home with another one!