Friday, April 30, 2010

Questions answered.

I thought I could just do one post to answer some recent questions on Buggie's Rainbow Party.

Ok first here is a list of all the shops I used:
- As you probably know all the labels and tags came from The TomKat Studio's Rainbow collection.
- Her party dress came from Vintage Lucy's
- I purchased the rainbow ring crayons from Lil Boo & Co.
- The buckets I used for the cake stand and holders, came from Ikea {in the outdoor section .99 and they came in all different sizes}. I have a tutorial for these coming soon.
- Clothes pin cake topper came from Wee Cute Treasures {unfortunately she is currently not open}
- Lastly the coloring sheet was created by my uncle. He is a graphic artist {who does animation} so it was quick and easy for him. I might see if he would be open to creating these on the side, you never know!
- Oops almost forgot crown, True Love Found, hehe.

The most asked first, the Oreos.
I just used Wilton's melting candy. Bought it in the colors I needed, dunked them and then sprinkled the tops with matching colored sprinkles. Decadent, yes. Over the top, yes. Heaven in you mouth, YES!

As far as the pom poms I used the standard tissue paper from Party City, not sure on the measurements, but there is 8 sheets per bag. And they take a bit to work on to get the desired fluffiness out of them.

I think that covers it. But if I forgot one please just leave a comment and I will update this post.

Oh and thanks to all of you who went through my family photos! I have BIG decision to make and appreciate all your input, it truly helped. And for those of you who asked the song is You & Me by Frances England. Let's just say I ran to itunes and bought the whole album. My favorite right now is Sleepy Head Mommy, classic!

- Forgot the rainbow sugar cookies. They came from Lori's Place. Worked out for me
that she was local and I was able to pick up these YUMMO cookies!

-Rainbow ballon sculptor came from the face painter I had. She asked me if she could make
a pre made sculptor for the party and she showed up with this. She said it
was the first one she made, so darn cute!


Rhiannon said...

Thanks for sharing the info! I soooo wanted to know about the oreos! Totally amazing!!!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Buggie looks adorable. So glad she liked the headband enough to wear to school
Here is the website I got the free tape download from:
You will love it!

Kelly O. said...

how/or who did you get that balloon made??
love it!