Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Day Chair Pockets {DIY}

I love a DIY project that I have EVERYTHING I need on hand.
Can you imagine, something you do not need to get dressed and drag your kids to Joann's, to get one single thing for?
EEP, that happened to me!
Here is my SUPER easy Valentine's Day Chair Pockets.

What I used:
- Felt cut 8 in. wide x 21 in. long
- Twine or embroidery floss {I use Twinery Twine}
- embroidery needle
- embellishments {this part is totally up to you}
- ribbon, long enough for two straps to tie on the chair backs.
- fabric glue

First thing I did was draw out the kids names and cut them out.

Then I folded the felt with a 2 1/2 in flap.

Then I decorated the flips with a trim and their names.

This part I did backwards, but I would suggest sewing the ribbon on BEFORE you stitch the side of the pocket together.

Then I did a blanket stitch up the sides with the twine. Click on my post here to learn this SUPER easy stitch.

Then after adding some embellishments,
my kiddlets had their own Valentine's Day Chair Pockets!

For Nolan's robot, I just cut up felt.

And for Avery's I had a flower from Ikea laying around that needed a home.

So there it is, a SUPER easy little DIY.



-Jenni said...

Super cute, Amy! Love that last shot of Avery :-).

Laurie J said...


Carisa said...

these are super cute! Thanks for sharing how simple it is. I am even inclined to try the blanket stitch. LOL