Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awk2theWard Wednesday {Jan 11th}

I have not done one of these bad boys in a while.
But lets roll...

Now this image is not necessarily an awkward moment, thats unless he does not stop this habit by the time he is 4, cause then its on the verge of becoming a "situation" {pun intended}.

But it was the moment right after I took this that took the awkward cake.

-Upon leaving the holy land we call Nordstroms, I took Bean into the bathroom for a quick diaper change before our car ride home. As we walked in, a group of 4 ladies walked in with us. I decided I need to use the potty, so by the time I was out of the stall, three of the 4 ladies were washing there hands. I then proceeded to change Nolans diaper. While taking his pants off, I thought oh man did you go number 2? Nope he diaper was just peeps. Then I look over and still just three ladies are lingering at the counter chatting, waiting on their friend.
Um oh wow.
How do you tell your friends to just go ahead and you will be right out?! It was VERY clear what was happening. I kept looking at them trying to do some Jedi mind trick and well them out the door, so their friend could finish her "business".
Nope they just stood there.

- See this kid...

He has reach the perfect butt height on me.
Which makes for a ton of awkward moments when he decides to come behind me and wrap his little arms around me and hug fiercely, resulting in his head snug between my bum cheeks.
Yep that awkward.


angie said...

I love the holy land... I can hear the angels sing when I walk in :)

careymorford said...

Your picture reminded me of my oldest daughter who instead of sucking her thumb played with her belly button. It didn't matter how we dressed her...if she was tired or nervous or upset, her hand found a way to her belly button. Shirts and dresses would fly up and stay up, until she was feeling a little more relaxed. This awkward habit did not subside until just before entering kindergarten, which was this fall, and still every once in a while when she is especially tired, I will find her looking for that security button.

Mycharmingcolors said...

Oh my goodness this just made me laugh out loud!!!!!

Sara Stoff said...

at least nolan didn't say something about smelling poops. HA! Now THAT would have been awkward. ;)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Well, that brightened my gloomy day (sorry about the friend, though!)

Jami Nato said...


and also that child is freaking cute.

BJJ said...

HAHA! That's hilarious!!