Friday, November 18, 2011

They all can't be winners.

Sunday I wrote out our meal plan for the week with the idea of trying ALL new meals.
Not just new meals but using my crockpot {or as auto correct likes to call it "crackpot"}.

We came out of the gates running with this one.
Hubs said top five meals I have made, and lets be honest people that pretty high standards here :)
The only I changed for our was instead of putting the potatoes in the pot, I made mashers. Which is just cause my kiddlets prefer them that way.
Oh and do not forget get the loaf of crusty bread to "zamboni" that plate clean.

Going into Tuesday we had some big boots to fill after the pot roast.
And lets just say those boots were not filed, even the little drop.
This meal was disgusting.
Worst part it was in the crackpot all day, smelling up my house. Giving me the sensation that it was going to be EPIC. Yeah it was EPIC alright, EPIC FAIL.
Live and learn.
The taste was over powering, and NO ONE liked it.
We ate cereal.

This was the only non crackpot meal I made.
It was good.
It was easy.
And it made up for the night before.
Mind you it was not Pot Roast, but they all can not be a "pot roast" type of meal.
I did make my Cheesy pull-apart bread to go with it.

I knew this would be our redeemer.
And it was.
Full of flavor.
Everyone loved it.
Even my non-mushroom eaters.
We all agreed it will go into the "routine".

Random side job:
When I pinned this, I knew it would be a gift for Buggie's teacher for Thanksgiving.
I just thought after reading the directions it would take around 10 hrs, well tack on 6 more hrs and you have yourself some apple butter.
Its good.
REAL good.
Worth the time.
I think were I went wrong was the apples I used were REAL juicy, so it took longer for the liquid to evaporate.
But make it.

The before:

The after:

That cute Thanks little tag came from here, they are free!

Ok so there it is, the low, the skinny, the nitty gritty, the good, the bad, and the REALLY REALLY good.

I encourage you all to take a week and plan a new recipe for each night. Just remember there might be a night you end up eating cereal!


christina said...

im not a big crockpot gal but those look yummy!

Mycharmingcolors said...

These look really good, especially the pot roast and apple butter :-)

I am def going to do a week of new recipes :-)

Joy said...

You rock and huge thanks for sharing my labels :)

So glad that you were able to use them! Yay!

PS. I need to come over for dinner!