Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mom in the shot {Nov 17th A sick little Bean,

Knock on wood, my kids rarely get sick.
But when they do, oh boy, they are out of commission.
Sunday Nolan started showing the signs.
A little sneeze here or there.
His eyes started getting a little glassy.
And by bedtime we knew.
The fever came.
Monday morning I got him up and we headed to our peds office.
Thats one of my favorite things about them, the 2 hrs in the morning that are just for walk ins.
It's such a relief to wake up at 7, throw on some clothes and not have to call or wait.

As you can see in his little face when waiting for the dr, it had been a LOOONG night. After a quick checkup his diagnose : ear infection. Reason two to love my dr's office, our two dr's carry those little laptops, where they already now our preferred pharmacy, and my dr simply sends over the rx for Bean's prescription with a flick of his finger. So I just leave and go straight home without having to swing by and drop off the rx and just go get it when it was done.

Yeah it was a rough start to our week. Poor guy.

But I can report that my little dude is back on the upswing!
We got to leave the house yesterday!! Even if it was the grocery store.

{Talk about a reflection pic, this is a reflection of Bean through the window reflected on the back of my phone and my image on the window, crazy right, kinda really love it. Even with the dirty window}

As you can see he was all smiles.

***Having one of this days or weeks for that matter, when you think you are losing. Losing against your kids, read my cousins blog post, and take note that you will WIN.***

Did you see his birthday party?!

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Ashley said...

I'm impressed with the last reflection shot, love it! And glad to hear he is on the mend, his sad little face breaks my heart!

christina said...

poor bean! i have had 3 sick kiddos here. one with croup and one with with stridor...scary crap. there is nothing worse then having a sick kid and feeling so helpless!

Wendy said...

It is so sad when our little ones get sick. They don't understand and there is no explaining why they feel so crummy. So glad he is feeling better! He has an amazing smile :)

Kara @ June & Bear said...

poor little dude. the glassy eyes are always a bad sign. glad he's on the mend. and the reflection shot is super cool.

mustard seed said...

ahhh, there's nothing work than a sick lil' guy :(

Sarah L. said...

Poor Bean :( He looks pitiful!

Rhiannon said...

i hear ya, my little man just got over pneumonia. hugs to your lil guy

Mycharmingcolors said...

his sad sick pictures seriously almost make me want to cry, I am so happy your little bean is feeling better

I love how you are such a sweet mama to him