Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mom in the shot {Nov 10th Remember to live in the moment}

Life is so busy.
Things happening everyday.
Schedules to follow.
Play dates, lunch dates, and errands fill up the space in between.
The other day I was tired.
Tired of feeling like I had seconds to breath and regroup before moving onto the next thing.
Then I decided we needed a day off, well when I say "we" I mean, Bean and I, Hubs still had work and Buggie school.
But Bean and I lived in the moment.

Which for us meant some super silly photo moments. When Em started Embrace the Camera, I knew it was important, but honestly the gravity of it has grown more on me with each and every post. Will Bean look back at these photos of his Mom with fond memories, I sure hope so because thats the goal here folks. These moments when Mommy put on silly masks with him and made funny faces in the computer, he now has these photos to remember it was not all Mommy dragging him around all day.

Then we went outside for a snack picnic. Where we shared grapes, hummus, and cherry tomatoes. It was just us and the birds flying high in the sky. Life moves around us, stop and watch it sometimes, you might learn something about it.
Because I sure did on this day.
I learned I need more of these days in my life.
It left me refreshed with a new sense of love and worth for my family.

My favorite moment of our day, was laying on our blanket in the shade of the tree, pointing to the the clouds as they slowing passed by us. And just listening, listening to my little boy ramble about the clouds, birds, Toy Story, Cars 2, and dinosaurs. These are the moments that make life sweet. Moments I will always remember and now we have captured for my little 2 year old to look back on and know his Mommy took time out of our hectic life to just be.

I linked up with Em.
You should too, promise it is SOO worth it.


O. said...

Ugh, he's so flipping cute!!!

TheNameIsCasie said...

LOVE this post & these photos -- your lil ones are two of the luckiest! <3

-Jenni said...

Very fun! I need to take me a day off, too! Glad you were able to enjoy your little man. He's a sweetie!

Ashley said...

that sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I love embrace the camera for the very reasons you describe. I do wish I did something similar when my boys were the age of yours. I'm still glad we are starting now, though, as they aren't that old yet!

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Amy, I accidentally linked to the wrong post on ETC! I know that looked bad since the post I linked to was a giveaway- I honestly thought I had linked to this post:

Kristy said...

How sweet is this!?!? Ya'll are too cute!!

melissa rohr said...

oh man - those photos are awesome!

Melissa said...

So cute! I love these guys look so happy!

Amanda said...

Great masks for pictures! I'm sure he'll love looking back on these when he's older :)

LittleGreenThread said...

I love this post, and I love the fact that you guys took a day off. I think a lot of people don't realize that stay at home Moms/kids need some time off too.

emily anderson said...

love your words here :)

Roxy said...

cute kids :)