Monday, September 19, 2011

Pinterest Project Party {Witch Art and Glow Stick Surprise}

When I saw this project on Pinterest, I honestly could not stop thinking of all the
holidays I could do it for.
And Halloween was first up on the list.

{Santa came from my Christmas board.}

First Hubs went to Lowes for me and a board cut to 3 x 3 feet. And after a quick date with the spray can I had my work surface.

I found the center and then laid painters tape down. Then using the tape I made a grid, and traced the tape.

I placed a small nail in the center.

And using a piece of string, made a circle around the board.

I made the grid on my image and then drew it out on my board.

Once it was all drawn out, I started painting. This part makes me happy, I love to paint.

And here she is all ready for October. I did add a little glow in the dark paint to the windows on the houses...

Oh and one other easy but super fun project we did was one from my Must Make board.

The best part is Target has 2 for a $1 in their $ bins!!! The kids LOVED it and asked if we can do it again soon....

Happy pinning and making!


BabiesandBargains said...

wow this came out amazing..I love the Santa as well as the Halloween

Kara @ June & Bear said...

I fell in love with that Santa too. Love your witch so much.

BriBedell said...

That witch is awesome!! I want to do the glow sticks too!! Not sure how my little one will react...she's a little OCD in the bath

angie said...

Ah! Glow in the dark bath is on my board, too! My daughter would LOVE it. I NEED to go get glow sticks PRONTO!

Joy said...

You rock, seriously.

Unknown said...

That turned out great! That may be on my to do list for Christmas or Valentines day =) Oh, and of course heading to Target for their dollar bins. Hope mine's as stocked as yours in FL!

Unknown said...

I love that santa!!! It is on my to-do list also! :)
Love that you did the witch!
It turned out great!

Becky Farley said...

So clever lady! Love that witch! :)
Those glow sticks are a hit!!!! You are awesome!!