Friday, September 2, 2011

Our week thru iphone pics {Aug 27-Sept 2}

Did I just really type Sept 2nd?
Holy crap, sorry that freaked me a bit.
Anywho here was our week, minus the ugly cause who wants to see the time outs, the fighting, the messes or any other thing you can think of between a almost 2yr old and 5 yr old can do.

See this...

Yes that is a WALL of rain. Every single day, this is what awaits us at pickup time for school.
Welcome to Florida.

I was upstairs picking up when Bean went MIA.
After a little search I found him behind his door brushing his teeth and talking to R2.
No big deal, ha.

Buggie started back at dance this week and trying to keep a 2 yr old boy still for 45 mins, is no fun. So we do A LOT of "ready set, GO!" outside...

Buggie doing another project at Lowes Build and Grow workshop.
She loves this time with her Daddy.
And the smell of lumber, which cracks me up cause so do I.

Then this happened.
I am calling it "puddin massacre of 2011".

Yesterday we built a little fort after school and watched Rio. Kids loved it, until Bean started knocking it down every two secs, insert yelling here.

And lastly a little video of Hubs getting the sillies out. He is the best Daddy ever.

Wish you all a happy LOOOOONG weekend.
Now go get the sillies out.


Michelle (michabella) said...

Awww these made me smile big!!! Bean and the pudding massacre...LOVE. <3

Andi said...

That video is so precious! I can't wait til my husband and I have kids and to see what kind of dad he is. awesome! ~ Andi

Jennifer said...

great photos!! :)

Simply Mily said...

Wall of rain looks scary!!!! Pudding face is super cute =)


Cindy said...

woah! the rain cloud pic! outta sight!

Jenny @ said...

Love your blog. I so need to get back on track with the Embrace the Camera challenge. I host a weekly photography challenge for moms called "Documenting Life" on my blog. Check it out if you can.

Jenny Collier

TDM Wendy said...

Oh the pudding, straight out of a horror movie. Love it.

Christa said...

These are so fun! The wall of rain is crazy. Like, scare me crazy. Also, we've been fort buildin' like nobodies business round these parts too. Ha. You have such a cute, sweet family! I could comment about each one of your awesome photos...but I won't make you suffer through that. :)