Friday, September 16, 2011

Twig and Berries {we play with food}

Made this lunch plate for Bean the other day.
And when I shared it on Instagram, it got some rave reviews.
So I wanted to share how EASY it is to make this super fun lunch.
Here is what I named "Twig and Berries"

When I make a fun plate, it usually starts with what I want to make then, comes the search of the pantry and fridge for supplies.
What I used for this was:
- tortilla wrap
- peanut butter
- banana
- blueberries
- stick pretzels
- space goldfish
- in the picture above I used strawberries for the wings but you will see below the second time I made it I used spinach.
- eyeball candy {yes I have these in my pantry, just for food fun plates, I got them at Target}

Make you tortilla and fold in half. Then cut in half again, kitchen scissors are my best friend. Then use them to shape you birds...

The stars in the space goldfish make the BEST beaks.

Then pile some pretzels and blueberries for the nest.

So easy.
So fun.
Play with your food, you will not regret it!


Sandy a la Mode said...

hahaha SUCH a cute design to the food!! makes eating more fun!!

Marissa said...

You are so flipping adorable.

Jennifer said...

how fun! :)

Brandie said...

LOVE this, Amy!! I know when we make food fun, children [and adults, lol] eat better and are more willing to try new things. You're such a fun person, and one Awesome Momma =)