Monday, September 12, 2011

Pinterest Project Party {Streamer Ball Birthday Bomb and Blue Moon Cupcakes}

I had a bigger project plan for today but our AC broke.
Pity party of one please.
Fingers crossed today it gets fixed.

So here are two smaller but still fun projects inspired by my Pinterest boards.

I love surprises.
Like BIG time, hence why we did not find out what we were having with both Bug and Bean.
So when it comes to birthdays and other present giving holidays, making surprises for others makes me giddy.

{Image from my Must Make Board}

My little sis had her birthday last Friday and knew I wanted to make her what I am calling a "Streamer Ball Birthday Bomb".

Gathered some fun stuff and got to wrapping.

I give her this candle scent every year for her birthday.

I stuck little treats and pom pom balls in little spots. I would have used confetti, but I am pretty sure my parents would have banned me from their home, since that is where she opened it.

Just keep wrapping, just keep wrapping...

And then after several fits of anger at the streamers twisting, I was done.

She loved it and so did the kids helping her.

I also made her some cuppie cakes.
But not just any, Blue Moon Cupcakes {from my Must Grace My Lips board}.

They were BEYOND.
Make them, promise you will be VERY happy.

So there it is, my Pinterest Project's for this week.

Question, would you like this to become a linky party? Would love to if what you think.


Christa said...

Ha, can you tell I'm catching up on reading your blog? You share such great ideas! I think my kids would love the streamer ball birthday bomb. I mean who wouldn't? Also, Blue Moon cupcakes?! I will be checking out your board for sure. Thanks for sharing! I would definitely be interested in linking up!

christina said...

what a great idea!! im gonna steal this one next time one of my nieces has a birthday, thanks!

Hespyhesp said...


Unknown said...

I think a linky party would be great fun! I love the idea of Blue Moon Cupcakes also. Going to check out the recipe now!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! Those cupcakes look delicious; I may have to make them sometime! :)