Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Unicorn Bag and Summertime Fun List

Buggie is starting ballet and jazz class this week and she was in need of a bag to carry her
little ballet slippers and jazz shoes.
And since I am one of those unlucky souls thats do not own a fancy schmancy Silhouette machine I had to use the old school wax paper iron on trick.
Buggie loves her some unicorns, so when I saw My Girl Thursday's guest post on Sunshine and Carousels, I hit the free unicorn JACKPOT.

After I printed out the freebie uni. I taped down my wax paper {remember that you will iron the wax side down, so if you image has a right or wrong direction make sure you trace correctly}

Once you have traced, then you are going to take an exacto knife and cut your image. You want the relief image.

Iron you image on to your surface. I took an invisible ink pen {crafters best friend} and draw in the hair and other thing to know where to paint.

Painting is so therapeutic. I need to do it more often.

Pull you wax paper off once you paint has dried.
I added some extra details with a paint pen and put her name at the bottom.

It screams girl, purple, pink, hearts, glitter, unicorn!!

I think the exact words were "Oh Mommy it is beautiful. My dance teacher is going to be so happy with my pretty bag."
I say that is a job well done.

We did our Summer FUN List.
It BIG and the door to the garage, so we see it everyday.

I hope to have a post for every single one of these.
Do you have a summer FUN list?

Happy Tuesday!


Kara @ June & Bear said...

When it starts with "Oh Mommy", you know you've done good. It looks great. We did make a summer bucket list but it's not nearly as ambitious as yours.

Unknown said...

Wow! Great job! I'm loving the bucket list- I need to get one started with my little ones!

PS- I had been eyeing that romper from target and when i saw it on you I was SOLD! totally bought it and want the blue one too. Super comfy!

Mandy England said...

Love your list... especially the icecream for dinner one :) My family proclaimed July 9th as National Icecream Day all growing up, and that was the one day a year we would go out for icecream instead of having dinner. Fun memories :)
David and I have a bucket list... but it's more "things we want to do before the baby gets here."

Anonymous said...

i'm also one of those cricket-free and silhouette-free people, and never knew about the wax paper trick. thanks so much for sharing! i can't wait to use this on something at home :-)

Love said...

oh, my girls would LOVE making that!
we do have a summer to-do list and it is FUN! =)

i love your pictures in your header. so fun. might have to recruit a friend to take pictures of us at a carnival!

clay's shoes in today's post are from livie & luca.

Carol said...

So fun! I am excited to do stuff like this for my girls - it is so cute, and I am loving the summer bucket list.

sarah said...

oh such a presh bag!! :) im having fun catching up on you since ive been out of pocket!! love ya bloggy friend!

Jami said...

what could be better for a little girl than unicorns and glitter?! very cute!

Mez said...

I love the summer fun list!! I am so going to do that in 6 months time when we get our summer! Cheers : )

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