Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sugar shower scrub DIY

Hosted a wonderful little "sprinkle" this weekend.
I always feel it is nice to have something for your guest to leave with,
just as a small thank you for their time.

sugar shower scrub
{which was not easy to say every time someone left and I handed them one}

what you will need:
- sugar {i used raw for more of a SCRUB but you can use granulated}
- oil {I had almond, coconut would work or avocado, you can read the bottle
most will tell you if they are good for massage oils}
- scent
- jars
{variation of the original recipe I found on prudent baby}

- Pour your sugar in a bowl. Then you want to gradually add the oil, stir after each time you add it. Until you get a nice coated consistency.

- Add the scent, I would do a little first and just like the oil add as you go to make sure it is not too strong.

- Add to your jars and finish off with a little extra flare.

These would make great valentines day gifts.
Want to see more of our fabulous day, click here.

I used a 32oz bag of sugar and was able to get 17 stage 2 baby food jars out of it
Oh and if you want a longer shelf life you will want to add a preservative.


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Jami Nato said...

such a great shower favor. i love that they say, "from emily's shower to yours" ha. good one.

Alita said...

These are so utterly adorable chica.

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Hopped over from Emily's blog - hello!

These are just adorable! I love that they're practical and useable. :)

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

They are so pretty - what a lovely gift!


Joanna said...

Mmmm I love scrubs! I've made salt scrubs before, but never sugar. Thanks for sharing!

Maria Medeiros said...

oh so wonderful!!!!

Room 118 said...

I love this!! I saw it on a shower that was featured on Kate Landers Events and just thought
for sure I would have to do this for my girlfriends adoption shower ;) LOVE thanks for
posting the tutorial, which is ironic that I saw
this tonight because I just spoke with a friend
of mine who makes them (asking her to make them for my favors and what the cost would be etc) and didnt really dawn on me
that I could make them myself! DOH!