Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mom in the shot Jan 6th {honk, honk}

Ever sit back and wonder how and why we do things as parents?
Like why do I ask my kid where my nose is.
Then when he touches it why I automatically say "HONK!"?

Who, where, and when this started I am not sure about but
what I am sure of is when it got reactions like this...

It spread like wild fire and now all parents carry this little giggle provoker
in their back pocket arsenal.
Happy honking.

Hook up over with Em.

Truth time:
I have a VERY sad looking Christmas tree is still hanging out in my living room.
Poor thing is making its way to the recycle pile in our neighbor hood today.
It gave and gave this year now its time to give it some peace.


Amber said...

these are so sweet! It is funny the things we do and say to make our babies laugh! :0)

Steph said...

It's true! We all do it. :)

Unknown said...

Very fun photos!

Meagan said...

love it! and yes, we all do it. anything to hear those sweet giggles!

Wendy said...

What every makes our kiddos smile right? Great pictures and beautiful smiles :)

Jenny K said...

So funny! I say "Beep Beep" :)

Jennifer said...

You can just hear him giggling in that second picture. Too cute! =)

Summer said...

Too cute!

emily anderson said...

honk! love these pictures :)

Kristina said...

that's funny. :) love dad's expressions here. just great!